Unripened Bananas : Benefits of Eating Raw Bananas & How to Grow them Indoors

When it comes to ripped bananas, we all love eating them for both their taste and easy availability. But when it comes to its benefits for health, raw or unripened bananas are extremely rich in fiber and aids other digestive issues.

Here, we list the major health benefits of eating raw bananas, along with a quick guide on how to grow them indoors.


Improves digestion

The high starch and fibre content of unripe bananas can aid in preventing constipation and bloating during digestion.

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Regulates blood pressure

Potassium is abundant in bananas, which is crucial for reducing the strain on your arteries and blood vessels. Consuming a green banana might ease the stress brought on by elevated blood pressure.

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Absorbs nutrients

Short-chain fatty acids found in green bananas help your body absorb nutrients more effectively. As a result, your colon’s general health will be enhanced.

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Boosts metabolism

Unripe bananas are a great source of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly. This includes complex carbs, which are essential for your body’s energy needs. Additionally, they can speed up the rate at which your body burns calories.

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Rich in B6

B6 is about 40% of the daily required dose in green bananas. This essential vitamin is important for your body’s production of haemoglobin, blood sugar regulation, and hundreds of other processes.

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Great for diabetic patients

Green bananas are a fantastic choice for those with diabetes who are vegetarian. Avoid bananas that are fully yellow, ones with brown spots, and bananas that are fully yellow since they contain more sugar. Despite the fact that eating unripe bananas doesn’t appear desirable To make them simpler to eat, you can always boil, sauté, or blend them into smoothies. The only major difference between them when they are ripe and when they are not is that they may be slightly more bitter.

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Since now you know the benefits of eating raw bananas on a regular basis, next you might look for is how to grow them at home, the below tips might help you ;

  1. It’s critical to use a well-draining soil with aeration-enhancing additives like perlite because banana plants require a lot of water but can develop root rot.
  2. The majority of banana tree varieties require at least 12 hours of direct sunlight each day, which can be challenging to provide in many interior settings.Artificial grow lights can be used as a substitute for natural light if necessary. Giving banana plants some time outdoors in direct sunlight while it’s warm (over 80 degrees Fahrenheit) is excellent.

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  1. Water is essential for banana plants, especially when cultivated indoors. Due to their extreme sensitivity to drought, their soil needs to always remain hydrated. The huge leaves of banana trees may droop and wilt when they are not receiving enough water, making this condition obvious. Also make sure not to overwater them.
  2. During their growing season, which normally lasts from spring to fall, banana plants need constant fertilising. It’s ideal to feed them once a week with a balanced water-soluble fertiliser during this period.

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Note: it is not possible to grow a banana tree from an already grown tree, as they are not easily propagated. You must always choose to grow them from seeds. You can find the seeds in your nearest nursery or can search for it online. Happy growing!


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