Survival of Cactus & Acacia in Deserts with Scarce Water

Water is essential for the survival of every living organism, be it an insect, tree, aquatic animals, etc. One exceptional quality of these plants is they can store water for long, using it slowly where there is need. They take the water in abundance and use it slowly as and when required.

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The spines of a cactus safeguard themselves from humans and animals. These plants have wide and outstretched roots so when it rains these plants easily collect water and store water in its body for a longer run.

Cactus and Acacia come from the Cactaceae family and belong to the order Caryophyllales. There are about 127kinds of cactus, with 1750 known species. Almost all of them are domestic to the Americas, from Patagonia in the south to western Canada in the south. Whereas Acacia belongs to the legume family – Fabaceae. Plants like cactus and acacia can not only thrive in desert but they also make a good indoor plant. But in order to thrive properly they need a good amount of sunlight. They are also low maintenance plants that even if you forget to water them they can sustain.


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Let’s talk about the basic characteristics of desert plants

  • Outstretched root systems which go deep into the soil in search of water.
  • Roots have myriads of root hairs to absorb hair.
  • Leaves are adjusted into spines as in cactus.
  • Leaves are thick, flat which helps in photosynthesis.

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These are some of the reasons for the healthy growth of the plants in deserts. When it rains desert plants absorb water quickly. The moisture is evaporated through the leaves. Desert plants do photosynthesis during night time and produce carbon dioxide as their stomata are closed during the day time to safeguards the loss of water through transpiration.

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Functions of Water in Plants

  • Water is important for plants to maintain the turgidity of cells.
  • It transports nutrients and organic matter throughout the plants.
  • Water is an essential component for protoplasm.
  • Water helps in the process of photosynthesis by which plants prepare their food.

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There are several features which help desert plants in adaptation. Water helps pants to maintain turgidity of cells. It helps in extension of turgor cells and cell division which helps in the growth of plants. Water is necessary for the germination of seeds, growth of plant roots, nutrition, etc.


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Favorable Conditions for Growing Cactus and Acacia

  • Desert plants thrive well in strong sunlight.
  • They prefer hot and arid environment.
  • Water your desert plants when the soil is dry.
  • Use fertilizer during the growing season.

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The most important factor in growth of cactus and acacia is proper sunlight and temperature. Succulent plants should be watered only when they are completely dried out. When planting them indoors makes sure they get proper sunlight

No plant can survive in desert where there is no downpour but where cacti and other plants grow does witness rainfall in a year. When it rains desert plants outstretch their roots and absorb water, storing in leaves and stems. The stored water allows them to survive in hot and arid conditions when there is the condition of scarce water.


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