All you need to know about the edible flowers and its multiple benefits

It is unusual to see flowers used for culinary uses but it is a great way to add elegance, hue, and flavor. From being used as a garnish for decorating cakes to adding those to your teas serve many purposes. But the humble flowers are not only known to add elegance to your food but it can also be fatal too.

So, before we tell introduce you to the edible flowers, let us first know the dos & don’ts while consuming these flowers.


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Things you need to keep in mind before consuming flowers:

  • Consume flowers which you have grown yourself or are safe for consumption.
  • Only the petals of the flowers are consumable. So, remember to remove stamens and pistils.
  • Avoid eating roadside flowers as they are exposed to pollution in the air and are treated with pesticides.
  • Consume only those flowers which are edible. If you are not sure about it, refer to a reference book on flowers and plants.
  • Flowers taste better when they are fresh rather than kept open for long.

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Now let’s know about the flowers that you can actually consume:


They are flowers used in tea and desserts but use them in a gentle amount.


They are edible flowers that are used in tea. These flowers resemble daisies and have a sweet flower.


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These flowers are used to enhance the taste of the food. Also, it has a mild taste like the herb.



These petals of the flowers are edible but the buds can be steamed the way artichoke is done.

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These petals are used to garnish desserts, salads and drinks. They have purple and white flowers in the spring.


The petals of the flowers have a sweet smell and can be used in desserts and savory dishes.


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These flowers are used to garnish the cakes or other baked stuffs and can also be eaten plain. They smell better than they taste.



This edible flower is used in tea, salads, etc. it is used for medicinal purposes. The hibiscus tea can lower blood pressure and cholesterol level.

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The petals are used in desserts and drinks. Also they have nutritional value. The ones with the sweetest fragrance have the most flavor.


They are edible flowers that are similar to the leaves when it comes to smell and flavor. They come in a variety of colors like white, pink, lavender, etc.


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The leaves and petals of marigolds are edible. They have a strong smell and their bright petals add color to any dish.


Johnny Jump- Ups

These buds have mintish flavor for which these are added in drinks, salads and fruit dishes.

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These are edible flowers which can be used as a garnish for salad, drinks. It  also adds hue to the dish.


These flowers are packed with antioxidants and vitamins. The leaves are used in salads, stews, etc. They are the most nutritious greens one can eat.


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These flowers come in a wide variety of colors and are eaten fresh as well as used to garnish salads, desserts.


Flowers have been used for culinary purposes since ages. But not all flowers are edible, so do proper research before consuming them. Not only flowers add color to your dish but it also carries nutrients like riboflavin, potassium, calcium, etc.

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