How To Grow Dahlia Flower Plant at home and care it

The dahlia plant is known as dalia or dahlia. It is a plant of the same species as the sunflower flower. Its flower blooms in white, red, purple, and orange colors. Dahlia flowers are not blue in colour. It is a large flower. When it blooms, it looks very attractive and beautiful. Due to its many veins, most people plant this plant to enhance the beauty of their homes.

Dahlia plants also have tubers in their roots, from which these plants are grown. The roots of these plants become thick due to their tubers. Its flowers are like sunflower flowers. The shape of the flowers of its new species is round like a ball, on which colorful flowers are found.


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What is the Right Time to Grow Dahlias?

Winter is the right time to grow dahlia plants. You can grow this plant at the beginning of winter. The soil temperature is 10-35°C for the plant to grow well. should be between It takes about 15 to 20 days for this plant to grow.


How To Grow Dahlia Flower Plant at home

Dahlia plant is one such plant, which can be grown in 3 ways. Here we will tell about the three methods of growing dahlia plant, how to grow dahlia plant from seed? How to grow a dahlia plant from a cutting? And how to grow a dahlia plant from a tuber? We will know these three methods.

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How To Plant Dahlia from Tubers ?

The bulb is a modified form of the stem. Follow these steps to grow dahlias from tubers:

Select healthy tubers from a single dahlia variety. Mix the compost mixture well with the soil and fill it in the pot.


Put the root part of the tuber downwards and cover it with moist soil by planting it at a depth of 2-3 inches in the soil. Keep in mind that the top of the tuber should be no more than 1-2 inches deep in the soil.

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After planting the tubers, maintain soil moisture until these bulbs begin to branch out from inside. When dahlias have started to branch out from all your bulbs, you’ll need to cut the branch off the middle. Leaving two leaves. This will create many more branches inside the plant. You can plant these branches between October and November by making a dahlia’s pen and planting it in a pot.

how to grow dahlia plant from seed

Step 1. To plant the dahlia plant from seeds, first, you have to prepare the soil. In which you have to mix 70% normal garden soil, 20% old manure, and 10% cockpit. Prepare all these together well.


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Step 2. After preparing the soil, you have to fill it in the pot. In whichever pot you keep growing the dahlia plant, one thing should always be kept in mind it is very important to have a hole at the bottom of the pot. It is very beneficial for your plant. After filling the soil, take the dahlia seeds and keep them in the pot at a distance of two to two inches.


Step 3. After placing the seeds in the pot, cover the cockpit layer of about one inch over it. You do not have to make a thick layer on top of these seeds, otherwise, all your seeds may get spoiled. After this, you have to water your pot.

Step 4. You should always take the help of a spray to water the pot. Water should never be poured into a pot containing seeds. For this, you can fill your pot with water in a layer and keep it in it. Due to this, the hole at the bottom of the pot automatically keeps water from reaching the pot.


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Step 5. After watering the pot, you should keep your pot in an open place where there is sunlight. When there is a lack of water inside it, you can again water the pot with a layer filled with water. These seeds start growing within ten days.


Step 6. When the plants start growing from your seeds, they should be kept in a shady place. When your plants are one month old, you plant them in a big pot. For planting in a big pot, you can mix one part soil and one part old manure of cow dung and fill it in the pot and plant the plants.

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The Right Way to Plant Dahlias from Stem Cuttings

Step 1. To plant a dahlia plant from a cutting, you should first water that plant. The plant from which you are going to cut the cuttings. About five hours after watering, you cut the cutting from that plant, this cutting is very good. Always plant 6 or 7 cuttings.

Step 2. Keep the size of the cutting about five inches. On top of which there should be 5 or 6 leaves. For planting the cuttings, you can take ordinary garden soil, cockpit, and old manure of cow dung. If you do not have a cockpit, you can plant these cuttings in a pot without a cockpit.


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Step 3. After this, you have to make pits with any wood according to the count of cuttings already in your pot. After pitting, you apply to root hormone powder on the bottom part of all your dahlia’s cuttings. This allows your cuttings to grow faster. Apart from this, this powder also prevents the pen from rotting and fungus.


Step 4. After applying the rooting hormone, plant all the cuttings in a pot. After planting the cutting, you should water it well. After this, you keep your pot on the side of a big pot so that direct sunlight does not fall on it for a few days.

Step 5. Keep the moisture in the pot until the roots start growing from your cutting. After the plants grow up, all should be planted in a big pot or in the ground.


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how to care for dahlia plant

  • Always keep the dahlia plant in a fertile and friable soil so that it can grow very quickly.
  • This plant requires very little water during winters. Whenever the plant is watered, after a few days, the plant must be hoeed well.
  • It is very important to give liquid fertilizer to the dahlia plant twice a month. In this fertilizer, you can give fertilizer made from mustard oil or banana peels.
  • When the buds start coming on the plant, then you must put cow dung manure in its roots. This is to put the pot around and at a distance of about two inches from the root of the plant. You don’t have to fertilize the plant when it starts to flower.
  • Dahlia is a flowering plant in winter, this plant needs more sunlight. You should grow the plant in such a place where there is definitely morning sunlight. If you follow all these things, then very big dahlia flowers will come on your plant.

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