What are the best ways to revive a dying Tulsi?

Planting a Tulsi plant in the house is considered very auspicious in Hinduism. Tulsi has special significance in Hinduism. Apart from all this, Tulsi plant is also considered beneficial for health. Tulsi plant is considered important for both religious and scientific reasons. Most people plant it in their house, but many times the growth of Tulsi plant is not done well and it starts drying up.

In medical science, Tulsi has been given the status of medicine. Many times it happens that despite watering the Tulsi plant daily, it dries up. The heat could be one of the reasons. But do you know that there can be other reasons other than this, due to which the green plant starts drying up fast? Today we are going to tell you some such tips, with the help of which you can keep the basil plant green.


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Neem saves dried basil plant

There can be many reasons for the drying of Tulsi Plant. Tulsi plant does not require much watering or maintenance, it also grows in less water, less sunlight, and less air, but if the plant has started drying up and you do not understand the reason, then neem leaves. Use powder. This is a surefire way to keep the Tulsi plant green. For this, dry neem leaves and put only two spoons of powder in the basil plant. You will see that in a few days new leaves will start coming into the plant and the plant will be saved from drying out. Mix the powder of neem leaves well in the soil of the basil plant.


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Plant gets Damaged by Moisture

Excess moisture is not good for Tulsi plant. Due to excessive accumulation of water in the plant, its leaves start falling and the plant starts drying up. To deal with this problem, dig the soil at a distance of 15 cm from the Tulsi plant to a depth of 20 cm. When moisture appears in the roots, fill them with dry soil and sand. This will give air to the roots of the plant and the plant will be able to breathe.


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Fungal Infection

Fungal infections can occur in the basil plant due to moisture. Use neem cake powder for this. It is also called Neem Seed Powder. Mix this powder in the soil. This will remove the problem of fungal infection. If there is no powder then boil neem leaves in water. Let it cool and then fill it in a bottle. Dig the soil of the plant every 15 days and add two spoons of this water of neem to it. This will remove fungal infections.


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Keep away from Smoke and Oil

Keep the Tulsi plant away from smoke and oil and do not pluck its leaves every day. If you keep a lamp and incense sticks near the plant while worshiping, then it can spoil the plant. Keep it at some distance from the plant.


Use the right pot

Using the right pot is also an important step for planting Tulsi plant. Tulsi plant should always be planted in a wide-mouthed pot. There should be more than one hole in the bottom of the pot, so that excess water can drain out easily and the plant is less prone to fungus or drying out.

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Tips to keep Tulsi plant safe in winter

Tulsi has a special place in Hinduism and Tulsi is considered to be the beauty of every courtyard. Tulsi plant needs care during the winter months. Tulsi plant starts withering due to cold wind and fog. Withering of Tulsi plant is considered very inauspicious. It is believed that in the house where the Tulsi plant starts wilting, poverty starts spreading in that house. Today we are telling you some special ways to keep Tulsi plant safe in winter.

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Do not put very cold water in basil

While giving water to the Tulsi plant in winter, keep in mind that the water can be lukewarm. If possible, mix some raw milk in water and irrigate basil with that water. By doing this, the moisture will remain in the basil plants and they will also remain green.

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Take care

At least once a week, with a knife, lightly multiply around the root of the basil plant. By doing this, the Tulsi plant will continue to get the necessary nutrition to grow and it will remain green for a long time.

Give plants clean and adequate water

Potted plants do not require a lot of water. But in the summer season, it should be given about 3 times because the temperature is very high these days. And the size of the pot is certain that water is to be given in it. Therefore, little water should be given to the plants in it.


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How long does it take to revive?

If you follow the above-mentioned tips, then within a month you will see new leaves coming in the dried basil plant.


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