Tips for Plantation Grow These Plants in Water

In today’s time, people neither have the space to make a garden in the house nor the time to take care of the trees and plants. Although some people like to grow trees and plants at home. But due to paucity of time, he is not able to take much care of them. In such a situation, let us tell you about some such plants that you can grow only in water. You will neither need soil nor fertilizer to grow these plants. You can grow these plants by planting cuttings only in clean water.

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Plantation Grow These Plants in Water

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Money Plant

Money plant can be grown by filling water in a glass bottle. For this, take a cutting of 7 to 8 inches and dip it in water. Keep in mind that the water of Money Plant’s bottle must be changed once every 15 days. If the leaves of money plant are turning yellow, then one teaspoon of potassium can be added to it.

Coleus Plant

The leaves of the Coleus plant have many colors. You can easily grow it by filling drinking water in a glass bottle. Winter season is considered the best season to grow this plant in water. For this, you have to take 4-5 inch cuttings. Remove the lower leaves from the cutting and dip the stems into the water. The coleus plant is available in more than 30 varieties. You can plant different coleus cuttings together in the same bottle or glass. You need to fill the bottle with one and a half inches of water. If you want to grow the plant in tap water, then first keep it in glass for a day. By doing this, the chlorine present in the water will fly away and then the plants will not be harmed.

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Chinese evergreens (Aglaonema)

Evergreen plant can also be grown in water. For this, you take 4 to 5-inch cutting. You can also take cuttings with flowers and cuttings without flowers. Keep in mind that one to one and a half inch space has to be freed by removing the lower leaves. After this, you fill the glass with water and dip its cuttings. Roots will start appearing in the cuttings in just 10 days.

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Marigold Plant

Marigold plant also grows very well in water. Its routing becomes very good. Take a 5 to 6 inch cutting and remove the lower leaves. Now dip it in water and keep it. Roots will grow well in this plant in just 7 days. You can also transfer this plant to an earthen pot after 10 days.

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Basil Plant

You can also easily grow Tulsi plant in water. For rooting, take a 5 to 6 inch cutting and remove the lower leaves. After this, soak the stems of the cuttings in water. After 10 days you will see roots growing in it. After this, if you want to transfer it to a pot filled with soil, you can do it. This will also increase the height of the plant.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

This plant can be grown only in water, just keep in mind that this plant does not get direct sunlight. Grow this tree in distilled water instead of tap water. Change its water every week and clean its roots with water too. Also, keep in mind that the pot in which you are planting the lucky bamboo plant should be filled with only 1 inch of water.

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Spider Plant

It is a perennial plant that grows simultaneously in both water and soil. Its leaves are sword-like and it looks very beautiful in a hanging basket. This plant helps in the removal of gases like xylene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide etc. It looks very beautiful and attractive and should be kept away from direct sunlight. Just keep it in mind while planting in water, because when their leaves are immersed in water, they dry easily, so carefully keep only their roots under water.

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Snake Plant

This air purifier plant is grown from a single cutting. You can plant it in soil or water. First, you take a leaf, clean it and cut it straight from the bottom. Now you can take one or two more cuttings from this big leaf. Just keep in mind which is the bottom. Place the bottom part in a transparent jar. Keep in mind that only one or two inches of it should be submerged in water. Change the water every week or ten days and water from above with a spray. You will have to wait over a month and then roots will form somewhere.

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Arrowhead / Syngonium Plant

Its leaves are like arrowheads, hence it is probably called an arrowhead. It gives oxygen, purifies the air, and also enhances beauty. This plant grows in both soil and water. You can also plant its small plant in a bottle or a flower pot. Whenever you prepare its cutting, keep in mind that you wear gloves. A kind of acid is released in it, which can be allergic to someone. Always take cuttings with nodes. Put it in a clean tap and put some stones in the jar to keep it stable.

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Philodendron Plant

The word Philodendron is derived from the Greek language, where ‘Philo’ means “love” and ‘dendron’ means “plant”. Which means plant of love. These types of plants have heart-shaped leaves and are very easy to care for. It is very attractive and can be usually seen in most homes. It grows very easily, all you have to do is cut a 5-inch branch and place it in a pot of water. They do not require the rays of the sun, just keep them in some lighted place inside the house and decorate your house.

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