Jade Plant : How to Grow at Home, Direction to plant and its Care

Let’s learn how to plant a Jade plant or Crassula plant and how to take care of it. Jade plant is a good luck plant i.e. auspicious Vastu plant. Many people put it in their home, office, or business place. Many businessmen also gift this plant to each other. Jade plant is very easy to grow and care for. It is a small plant that looks very attractive, whose leaves are almost oval.

The jade plant is also used as an ornamental plant. These plants are very long-lived and can grow to three feet or more in height when grown indoors. In this article, you will learn how to plant a jade plant in a pot, make a new plant from the leaves of a jade plant, how to plant a cutting of a jade plant, in which direction to plant a jade plant or Crassula plant and how to take care of a jade plant.


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Jade plants are adapted to most hot, dry conditions, requiring periodic care. These plants can be grown throughout the year in areas with mild and dry climates. Even, it can be grown indoors in pots or grow bags in temperatures below 10°C. Let’s know about the methods of growing and caring for a jade plant.


Where to Grow Jade Plants

If you want to grow a jade plant indoors, you should plant it in the most lit place in the house. Apart from this, if sunlight comes through the window, then that place is best for planting jade plants. However, some jade plants are prone to sunburn, so a sunny or well-lit area is sufficient for planting them. If you want to move the plant to an area with more sunlight, first get the plant used to being outside for a few days. Place your jade plant where it will receive morning sunlight, but protect the plant from strong afternoon sunlight. Also, when the night temperature starts to drop, take the plants back indoors.

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How to Choose Soil for a Jade Plant

Just plain soil is not suitable for a jade plant. For planting it, thick sand, sand, or stony soil should be used in the soil, so that water does not stagnate in the soil. The soil of the pot should be a mixture of 50% ordinary soil + 25% sand + 25% cow dung or vermicompost.

There are 2 ways to plant a jade plant. Preparation of jade plant cuttings and making new plants from jade plant leaves. Let us know about both methods.


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How to Grow Jade Plant From Cutting

  • To plant the cuttings of the jade plant, you first have to cut some cuttings about 3 to 4 inches long from the plant. Cut the cutting from a branch that is slightly older. If you take a cutting from a new or green branch, then there is very little chance that it will grow.
  • After this you have to prepare the soil mixture. For this, you have to prepare a mixture by mixing both the normal soil of the garden or field and the river sand, do not use any type of manure in it, it can spoil the plant.
  • You can fill this soil in any pot, in which pot or anything else you are going to plant, it is very important to have a hole at the bottom so that if there is too much water, it will come out.
  • After filling the soil in the pot, fill it well with water, when the water from the soil dries up lightly, then make small holes in it at some distance with the help of any wood at some distance.
  • After this you have to submerge the cutting of your jade plant in rooting hormone powder at least one inch from the bottom. For this, take a little water in a bowl, dissolve rooting hormone powder in it, dip the cutting of the jade plant in it, and put it in the hole made in the pot.
  • After this, you have to pour any kind of fungicide powder solution into the pot, because the jade plant remains prone to fungus.
  • After this you keep your pot in a place where there is light sunlight. And do a light sprinkling of water after every three to four days. So that the moisture remains in the pot.
  • All Jade Plant Cuttings you have planted will take root in about a month. After that, you can plant them in different pots.

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Making a new plant from a jade plant leaf

Gently pluck a few leaves from the jade plant so that the thin end of the leaf does not break. A wrongly plucked leaf will not produce a new plant. Fill the pot with soil and sprinkle water and erect the leaf and bury about 30% of it comfortably. The leaf is to be sown 30 degrees oblique. Do not press the soil too hard with plant leaves.

Plant at least 3-4 leaves at a time in a pot at a distance, so that even if a leaf gets damaged, you still have other options. Water in this pot is to be given very little or else the leaves will rot. In 1-2 weeks, when the root emerges from the leaf, plant each leaf along with the root in a new pot.


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How to Plant Jade Plants form Pot

  • Select a pot or grow bag with extra drainage.
  • Fill the pot with potting mix, but make sure that the pot is empty 2-3 inches from the top.
  • Now plant small jade plants in this soil.
  • Water the jade plant well.
  • Water the plants only when the soil appears dry and does not allow the soil to become wet or sticky.
  • Keep the plants planted in the potting soil at the proper place in the house or garden.

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Jade Plant Care

You can take care of and maintain jade plants very easily. You need to take care of water, sunlight, temperature, and organic fertilizers to grow a jade houseplant. Let us know some important tips to take care of plants:

Watering a Jade Plant

Jade plants in potting soil should be well watered. Water the plants only when the top layer of soil is dry. Also, don’t water the jade plant too often, as it can rot the roots and result in plant death. Avoid waterlogging in the soil of the pot or grow bag.


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Sun Requirements for Jade plant

Potted plants should get at least 5-6 hours of sunlight per day. If you have placed a jade plant in your kitchen or office, place it near a window so that it receives partial light. Jade plants can damage their leaves if they do not get enough sunlight.


Proper Temperature for Jade Plants

Jade plant plants grow well in temperatures between 18-24°C during the day and 10-13°C at night. However, these plants can grow in higher or lower temperatures.

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Best Fertilizer for Jade plant

Take proper care of the potted jade plant, and fertilize it as needed. Apart from this, you should dissolve the manure in water to the plants, because the liquid fertilizer is absorbed by the plants quickly. You can add organic manure like vermicompost, neem cake, mustard cake, and old manure to the soil for plant growth.

How to Prune Jade Plants

When the branches of the jade plant die or shrink, they should be pruned. From where you cut them, new shoots will start growing. If you want, you can also cut them to shape them like bonsai trees. You can use a pruner to remove the damaged parts from the plants.


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In which direction to plant Jade plant

According to Feng Sui, the Jade Plant should be planted in the right direction of the main door of the house. Apart from this, you can also keep it in a place where sunlight comes in the right direction inside the house. With this, the plant always remains green, and always maintains positive energy in the house.


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