Rose is a very beautiful flower, which is known as Gulab in Hindi. Generally  rose flower is liked by almost everyone all over the world, because it is beautiful as well as provides a very nice fragrance. Rose plant is a multi-year-old shrub plant, on which there are small very sharp thorns and it grows in the form of a bushy plant. But do you know, how this beautiful and fragrant rose flower is grown, benefits of rose, how many types it has and how to take care of it. etc. After reading this article completely, you will get all the information related to roses.

Introduction / परिचय

Rose is a soft flower belonging to Rosaceae family, whose scientific name is Rosa. This rose is a very beautiful flower, most of whose species are native to Asia, Europe and North America, etc. This rose flower is found in many colors, in which red, blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple, white and black etc. Red and light pink flowers of this rose are found in abundance, which are very famous. The petals of this flower are very soft and soft. These petals are blooming all over the flower, due to which the flower looks very beautiful.

The plants of this rose flower are very prickly, which grow like bushes. It is an evergreen plant, which can generally attain a height of about 4 to 6 meters. The branches of this plant are completely surrounded by thorns, which are slightly stronger than the branches of the common plant. The leaves of this flower are green in color in the branches and under the flowers. These leaves are usually spherical and oval in shape, with slightly serrated stripes. The upper surface of these leaves is slightly smooth and the under surface is light green in color like a little rough.

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Generally more than 100 species of this rose flower are found all over the world. This rose plant is cultivated in large quantities in many countries. People in India plant this flower plant with great love in their homes and gardens as an ornamental plant, which looks even more beautiful in appearance with the plant. In India, February 12 is celebrated as "Rose Day". This rose flower is considered very important for two lovers or couples, in which a couple is happy and impressed by giving roses to their other couple.

English Name:Rose
Hindi Name:गुलाब (Gulaab)
Scientific Name:Rosa
Light :Full sun to Partial Shade
Height:4 to 6 meters
Flower Color :Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, White and Black
Leaves Color :Green
Eason Features :

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Varieties / किस्मे

Rose is very beautiful, it is known to everyone, but most people do not know, how many colors are roses? And what are the types of roses? Apart from this, we will also know the meaning of all the colors of roses. As soon as the flower of rose comes to our mind, first of all, only one color comes in front of your eyes which is red rose. But apart from this, it is also found in many colors. The list of these colors is as follows –

Types of Roses

Red Rose

Red roses are given when people express their love. It has always been a symbol of love. It is also most commonly given on Valentine's Day. This red rose is a very beautiful and fragrant flower, which is generally very easy to see. This flower is mainly used by two lovers, in which the lover shows his love by giving a red rose flower to his girlfriend.

Blue Rose

Blue color is considered a symbol of peace. If you want to give a message of peace to someone, then you can gift him a blue rose. Apart from this, you can also strengthen your relationship by giving blue roses.

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Yellow Rose

Yellow roses are given when we make someone our true friend. If you have a friend with whom you want to be friends forever, then you should give him a yellow rose. Apart from this, when we go to wish a sick person for his health, even then we should carry a yellow rose.

Green Rose

Green rose is considered a symbol of happiness and wealth. Apart from this, green color is also a symbol of happiness. If you go to wish someone for his progress and happiness, then you can give a bouquet of green roses.

Orange Rose

Orange color is considered a symbol of enthusiasm. When you feel yourself full of energy and full of enthusiasm. So in such a situation, you can keep an orange rose with you.

Pink Rose

A pink rose is considered a symbol of appreciation. When someone has done a great job for you. So you can thank him by giving a pink rose in appreciation. Apart from this, whenever love or happiness arises in your mind towards someone, then you can also give pink rose to him. These pink rose flowers look very beautiful in appearance and they are also very fragrant. The plants of this flower are light bushes, all of which have small thorns in their branches. It can be used to make a kind of fragrant perfume.

Purple Rose

A purple colored rose is given to someone at that time. When you express your first love to someone.

White Rose

White color has always been considered a symbol of purity. Apart from this, white color also symbolizes innocence and tenderness. When you regret any wrong done by you. So in such a situation, you can give white roses to that person. With this the person in front will understand your innocence, this rose is mostly given at that time. When you want to apologize to someone. This white colored rose is a very beautiful flower, which is found in abundance in the northern hemisphere regions of the earth. This white rose flower is also known for its role as a symbol of strong bonds of friendship. This is a popular flower for people of all ages, which grows into a bushy plant.

Black Rose

Black color has always been considered a symbol of enmity. If you have enmity with someone. And he cannot say this directly to him. You can give him a black rose. By this the person in front will understand that you do not think well about him. Black color is also a symbol of grief and sorrow. In some countries, when there is death somewhere, people take black roses. This black rose is usually not completely black, it is light black in color. It is believed that till date no such rose has been found all over the world, which is completely black in color. This rose is mainly used for making perfume.

Classification of Plants/ पौधों का वर्गीकरण

The height of the rose plant reaches about 5-6 meters. There are thorns on the branches of the plant at a short distance. These thorns are slightly weaker than the branch. If these thorns are removed by hand, they are very easy to remove. The leaves of the rose plant are green in color, it emerges from both the sides of the branches. The shape of these leaves is round, in which some leaves are also oval. They have light jagged stripes on both ends.

The upper part of these leaves is smooth, and it is slightly rougher than the underside. Due to the high demand for roses, it is cultivated in almost all parts of the world. Due to the beauty of this plant, many people in India plant it as an ornamental plant in their homes. Rose flower is considered very morning for the lovers, when two loving people meet for the first time, they express love by giving roses to each other. Rose Day is celebrated in India on 7th February. On this day everyone gives roses to each other.

Rose flower is also used by many companies to make beauty products. Due to its fragrance and aroma, this flower is also called the king of flowers. Our country's first Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Nehru always carried a fresh rose in his coat pocket. Gulkand is also made from rose flowers, which is very tasty to eat. This flower is also used for decoration in worship recitation and wedding ceremony. This flower is so popular that if someone admires about one's beauty, then its name is also taken for that. Many poetry and poems related to this have been written by writers and poets.

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History / इतिहास

In the history of rose flower, it is believed that the cultivation of this rose flower was started in China about 5000 years ago. At that time, a beautiful variety of rose flower used to be blue in color, which had become extinct after a short time. The crown prince of Assyria, a state in Iraq, loved the yellow rose very much. During the time of the Mughal Empire, the Mughal emperor's wife Nur Jahan was very fond of red roses. Many rose gardens have been established by the emperors of ancient times. The national flower of two countries of Europe was rose, in which the national flower of one country was white rose and the national flower of the other country was red rose. In ancient times, Nur Jahan had invented this rose to make perfume. Apart from this, the favorite flower of India's first Prime Minister "Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru" was red rose.

Uses and Benefits / उपयोग एवं फायदे

  • The flower of this rose is used to make many types of perfumes, whose aroma is very good.
  • Its leaves have a type of medicinal property, which can be used as a medicinal medicine.
  • The medicinal properties found in this rose flower are used to cure many diseases.
  • The petals of this rose are used for decoration.
  • Its plant can also be planted as an ornamental plant.
  • It is used to manufacture many types of medicines.
  • Vitamin C is found in abundance in this rose flower.

How to Grow Plant / कैसे उगाएं

How to plant rose flower plant at home. Method of planting rose plant. Like all plants, you can easily plant a rose plant in your pot. This plant is planted in many ways. Today we will tell about all kinds of method, in which how to plant a rose plant, or how to plant rose seeds. Know all kinds of method of applying it.

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How to prepare rose seeds

How to grow plant from rose seed

Ways to increase the size of rose flowers and plants

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How to Take Care/ देखभाल कैसे करे

After planting the rose plant, keep pruning the plant from time to time so that the plant looks beautiful. Leave the rose plant in the sun every morning for about 3 to 4 hours so that the plant can grow at the right time. Add water to the plant according to its need so that there is no problem in the plant. Very little use of chemical fertilizers or fertilizers in this flower plant. It is a fragrant flower with a good smell, so some insects can be caught in it, to avoid this, insecticides can be used in it. Take care of this plant from time to time so that the plant does not get spoiled and if this happens, then medicine can be sprayed in it.

How to Take care of Rose Plant in Summer

The maximum care of the rose plant should be done during the summer days. Its plant does not like heat at all. Whether your plant is a native rose or an English rose plant, both tend to dry up during the summer. Their leaves turn yellow. And all the branches start drying up. But there is nothing to worry, today I am going to give you all such information, so that your dried rose plant will also become green again. So let's know, how to take care of rose plant.

  • To prevent the rose plant from drying out during the summer, you should keep your pot in the afternoon in a place where there is very little sunlight.
  • If you do not have such a place here, then you can also keep your pot under the green net. This also keeps your plants away from the sun.
  • During summer, water should be given inside the rose plant every day. These days the soil of your pot should not dry up. And once a week, you must also weed your plant. This gives new air to the soil.
  • During the summer, the rose is most prone to fungus. You must spray fungus powder twice a month. Due to this the leaves of the plant do not turn yellow.
  • Never spray any kind of chemical on the rose plant during summer. This burns the plant. These days flowers do not come on it.

Interesting Facts / रोचक तथ्य

  • This rose is the favorite flower of all the people all over the world.
  • It is known for its beauty and aromatic fragrance.
  • This rose flower is considered a symbol of love.
  • This rose flower is discussed in the Bible.
  • Aromatic perfumes are made from this flower.

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