Sometimes some such insects are found in the plants, which can ruin the whole plant. Mealybug are such small, white colored and oval shaped insects. These insects suck nutrients from plants. These insects are found in the garden, houseplants, from the farm to the greenhouse. Found Mealybug are very harmful for plants kept in the house, fruits and even green vegetables, many fruits break and fall from that plant before ripening. Mealy bugs attack the most in humid and hot weather.

This white-colored wax-like insect that damages leaves and plants. This bug is called a found Mealy bugs. This white worm spreads throughout the plant and stem and also damages the leaves and flowers, due to which this plant starts to deteriorate. This insect can be removed with some easy measures

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How to avoid the Mealy Bugs

To avoid the Mealybug , first of all it has to be seen whether the plant is healthy or not. The attack of such insects is most visible on weak plants. There are many ways to protect plants from mealy bugs. Since, they spread fastest in moist and hot areas. Therefore, the temperature of the plants kept in the house can be reduced by 15 ° C. The bugs found in it will not be able to develop. Apart from this, many types of sprays and fertilizers also come in the market, which can be used. In some cases, the water supplied to the plants is reduced or stopped at all for some time. This also ends the infection of the found bug. Applying neem oil on infected plants can also get rid of the bug found.

Mealybug Damages Leaves and Stems

The white worm named Mealybug is found in the stem and leaves. It affects the leaves very soon due to which the leaves start turning yellow and breaking and due to its side effect, the entire stem also starts rotting. Some methods of getting rid of this insect are rubbing alcohol on the stem of the plant. For this, rub a cotton dipped in alcohol in the stem on the place of the worm and try to remove the worm from it. Try to remove the insects with thin wood and throw them away from the plant. Apart from this, there are measures by which these insects can be completely got rid of.

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How to Protect Plants After a Mealy Bug Infestation

Use Isopropyl Alcohol

When millibugs are found on plants, test the solution by first applying a solution containing a maximum of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol to the leaves. Plants can be harmed due to the high amount of alcohol in it. If the test is successful, then apply this solution with the help of cotter on the part of the plant where it is infected. This will not only kill the insects, but they will also be removed from there.

Use Insecticidal Soap:

Insecticidal soap is also a very effective solution in eliminating the mealy bug. Insecticidal soap can not only be bought from the market, it can also be made at home. While using this type of soap, you also have to keep in mind that the soap does not have any kind of fragrance, it can affect the health of the plants.

Use of Chemical Pesticides:

There are many types of insecticides available in the market to completely eliminate the mealy bug. They can also be used. But care has to be taken about the timing of this application, because its excessive use is harmful not only to plants but also to humans.

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Water with a Sharp Edge

Water the plant thoroughly before treating. The cheapest and easiest way to get rid of insects is to pour a squirt of water on the site of the insect. For this you use a pipe with high pressure and spray water rapidly on the mealybug. To a large extent, by this remedy, insects leave the plant and start coming out. While giving a sharp edge of water on the plant, keep in mind that instead of flowers or leaves, this edge should be given in the stem part. So that all the insects can be separated.

Neem Oil Spray

One of the effective measures is the use of a spray prepared with Neem Oil for the mealy bugs found in the stem and leaves. For this, mix a pinch of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of shampoo and 2-3 drops of neem oil in a liter of water and sprinkle it on your plants. In a few days your problem will be solved. Use this spray at least twice a day. In 3 to 4 days, this worm will be completely removed from the plant and the plant will be saved from damage. Use this spray as soon as one or two insects appear on a plant.

Soap Water Spray

If white worm or mealy bug is found in the plant, then an easy natural remedy is to use soap water spray which helps you to remove the worms from the plant. To prepare this spray, add 1 quart of water to a spray bottle and add 4 teaspoons of detergent to reach the desired concentration of 2 percent and mix it well. Spray insect infested plants with this water and give each plant a good spray. Only after using this spray 4 to 5 times, the worm of the plant will come out and the plant will also be safe. Spray the soap water until it runs out from all surfaces of the plant. Be sure to moisten the back of the leaves and the parts of the stems that cover the leaves with this water.

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