Gardening Absolutely nurturing a small baby. Just as a child is unable to tell his problem, there is a need to understand his problem by looking at him, similarly it is also about some plants. We also have to understand the need of plants, we have to know about their problem. The nature of plants has to be understood. Today’s topic is why plants die after bringing them from nursery, what mistakes we will tell about them.

Why Do Plants Die After Being Brought from Nursery?

Often  when we go to the nursery to pick up plants and buy them there only after seeing their beauty, not only this after planting many times that plant also dies or is not able to survive well. Why do plants die after being brought from nursery? Today in this blog we will tell about these mistakes which we often make after bringing plants from nursery. so that this abuse is no more

Prepare in Advance

Before going to the nursery, make sure that which and how many plants you want to bring as well as you have enough pots or space to plant them. Prepare the soil by mixing the pot or the ground with compost, cocopit, sand etc. so that you can plant the plant by bringing it from the nursery. Whenever you bring a plant from nursery, let it stay in the same polybag at home for about a week. So that it gets molded in the atmosphere of your house. Stop watering a day or two before the day you want to report. Then in the evening by planting it in a new pot (forks to the foil, the soil with some such plant) Keep the pot completely frozen on the roots) Keep the pot in the shade for 5-6 days according to the weather. Then keep the pot in such a place where there is only morning sunlight. After a few days, you can keep it in full sunlight. Not a single leaf will ever dry up.

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How to Choose Plants in Nursery?

Before going to the nursery, make sure that which and how many plants you want to bring as well as you have enough pots or space to plant them. Prepare the soil by mixing the pot or the ground with compost, cocopit, sand etc. so that you can plant the plant immediately after bringing it from the nursery. While choosing the plants in the nursery, it is important to keep some things in mind that the plants should be healthy, they should not have any kind of disease. If you have chosen such a plant which is infected then it will be bad as well as your entire garden will also infect the plant. Try to buy new plants so that their age is also longer in your garden and your plant also does not spoil too quickly.

After bringing the Plant, When should it be Planted in a Pot?

When we bring plants from nursery, the environment there is different and our home environment is different, because of the difference between the two environments, sometimes the plants go into shock and get spoiled. It is better to avoid that. After a few days, the plants should be planted in another pot. When it accepts the environment of your home, plant it in another pot only after 5 to 6 days.

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How to Planting Nursery Plants?

Nursery When the plants come for home from the nursery, then we should check that if the plants are not planted in small plastic pots, sometimes nurseries plant plants in small plastic pots as well as grow bags. There they are very small, so they are saved, they do not get spoiled, but when we take those plants home, we do not remove the small plastic pots and along with them we plant them in big pots, then as the plant grows bigger. Its roots have also developed, but due to the plastic pot, the roots are not able to develop much and the plant starts dying slowly, so whenever the nursery plant is planted in another pot, it must be checked that the plastic pot is small. If it is not with you, then cut that small basket with any sharp object and then plant it.

Clay Removal

When we bring plants from nursery, most of the plants are planted in clay soil. Before planting the plants in another pot, remove the clay soil a little so that the roots can develop but keep in mind that it does not harm the roots Because clay is very hard and completely grabs the roots, then it becomes very difficult to remove it. It is to first keep the plant in a pot of water along with the soil for 2 to 3 hours. When the soil becomes completely wet, then remove it comfortably and then plant it in another pot.

Creating well Drained Soil for Planting

Whenever the plant is planted, keep this in mind, how to make the soil, for this to drain the water completely from the pot, make soil with good drainage, if the water stagnates in the pot, then the roots of the plant will get spoiled and the plant will die Soil with good drainage To make it, mix sand, cocopeat or rice husk in the soil. This will keep the soil soft and the drainage of the soil will also be good.

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How to Prepare the Pot?

It is very important to make a hole in the pot. Do not plant a plant in the pot without making a hole, otherwise your plant will not be able to survive. It is necessary to make a hole in the pot so that the water drains out. good water drainage

The Amount of Manure at the Time of Planting Plants in the Soil

When we bring plants from the nursery, they think that by watering a lot of manure, the plant will grow quickly and will flower soon. But doing so is not good for the health of the plants. Due to excessive watering, the plants get spoiled. And eventually die. Therefore, give the same amount of manure and water as the plants need. If the plants are very small, then try to keep the amount of manure very less. Give me water

Keep in shade for 4 to 5 days after Planting

After transplanting the plants brought from nursery into another pot, keep the plants in shade for at least 1 week, so that the leaves and roots of the plant get set in the soil. And get rid of the shock of repotting. Sometimes, after planting the plant in a pot, the leaves hang, then there is nothing to worry about, just keep it in the shade for a few days, it will be right. It is good if you can sprinkle water.

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How much Water to give

Most of the plants in the pot die from water, too much water is never good for the plant, water the plants in the pot only when the top layer of the pot starts drying up, giving too much water will spoil the root of the plant, the plant will die.

Take the pot according to the size of the plant

When you bring plants from the nursery, choose the pot according to the size of the plants, sometimes we think that the plant will be bigger, it will need more space, so we plant that plant in a big pot on a small one. When we keep a small plant in a big pot, then the amount of water in that pot is more. Because of this, when we give water and fertilize, we put more amount of water in that pot, it spoils our plants. So we should try to choose the pot according to the plants, the plants will be saved from getting spoiled.

Plants will not get spoiled if antifungal powder is mixed in the soil.

If there is a fear of any kind of fungus in the plants, then you can add antifungal in the soil. If the antifungal is not in the house, then you can add some things of the house like turmeric, cinnamon, alum or ash. Neem cake is also very good for plants and some other things. Also protects plants from fungus.

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Plant the plant in the Evening.

Whenever the plant is planted in another pot, plant it only in the evening so that by morning it can settle its roots well and the plant does not wither or deteriorate.

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