Know About Most Expensive Flowers In The World

It is common for flowers to be expensive during a special festival, but do you know about such flowers which are the most expensive flowers in the world. When you go to a function, give a bouquet of flowers as a gift. Flowers are also used in home decoration. Flowers can be the simplest gift in any special event, so if it is said that flower is the most precious gift of nature then it will not be wrong. Whatever you cannot say with your tongue, they should say it through flowers.

There is hardly any person in the world who does not like flowers. From birthday to wedding and from any special occasion to Valentine’s Day, flowers have a different significance. Flowers are one of the favorite gifts of youth. The first day of Valentine’s Week is Rose Day. On Rose Day, lovers express their love by giving roses/flowers to each other. Everyone tries to give the best flowers to impress their partner. If the flower is good then it is bound to be expensive


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But if you are asked about the world’s most expensive flower and its price, then you might not know. Let me tell you that the cost of the world’s most expensive flower is not in lakhs but in crores. This is 100% true. Today I am telling you about the most expensive flowers in the world, about which you have rarely heard.


Juliet Rose

Juliet rose is considered the most beautiful rose in the world, the price of this flower in the market is $ 15.8 million. The Juliet rose is a unique flower that took over 10 years to create and is one of the most expensive flowers ever. The petals of this rose are soft peach in color and look very beautiful when in full bloom. It is often used for decoration on important occasions like weddings.


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This deep purple color flower is known as paper flower. Its price in the market ranges from $10 to $35 per bunch. It is such a beautiful flower that blooms all year round and can grow up to 60 cm high. It has delicate, fringed, broad petals and can be seen in shades of blue violet, lavender, white and pale purple. This flower is grown in warm regions such as Mexico, the southern United States, northern South America, and the Caribbean. This flower only lives for a few days when cut from the stem, so it is more expensive.


Lily of the Valley

This flower is affectionately called ‘Our Lady Tears’, it is a fragrant flower. The price of this flower in the market is $ 15 per bunch. Lily of the Valley is the second most expensive flower in the world. It is a unique shaped white colored flower. It usually grows in mountainous areas and its bloom time is in early March, which ends after the end of spring. Its scent is sweet, but this flower can also be poisonous. It is also believed that this flower is a symbol of purity, youth, honesty and prudence. But most importantly, it symbolizes happiness. Its bell-shaped shape makes it different and attractive from other flowers.


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The hydrangea flower is a colorful clump that costs $6.50 per bloom in the market. Hydrangea is mostly white in color, but it can also be seen in shades of purple, light purple, pink and blue. These flowers wither easily, and it takes a lot of effort to cultivate and harvest these beautiful flowers. They are widely used in many occasions, especially weddings.


Gloriosa Lily

Available in dark red, yellow and green, this flower costs about $10 per bloom. Gloriosa is found in Asia and South Africa. Being rare and unique, it is expensive. Showy petals changing color from center to tip of the gloriosa. It is also known by different names like glory lily, fire lily, flame lily etc.


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Kina Orchid Gold

The Kina Orchid Gold is exclusively found in the Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia. Especially this flower develops in the months of May and April. The price of this flower in the market is $ 6,000.


Saffron crocus flower

This flower is known for the production of spices. The price of this flower is decided by weight. 80,000 flowers are required to produce 500 grams of the spice. The price of this flower in the market is 1500 per pound. Everyone knows about saffron. It is a famous spice used for coloring and flavoring in many dishes. Its flower is purple in color and contains yellow colored pollen.


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Tulip Bulb

Mainly because of its’ color and rarity, this flower has always been a status symbol for people. Its market price is $5,700.


Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

This rare member of the orchid species can be easily carried from one place to another to bloom. The price of this flower in the market is 200,000 dollars. Many Agricultural Scientists have prepared this flower together. It was created after 8 years of hard work of agricultural scientists at Shenzhen Nongke University. Its specialty is that this flower blooms once in 4-5 years and at the same time it is auctioned. The cost of one flower is around Rs 1.40 crore.


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Kadupul Flower

Kadupul Flower is such a flower which cannot be kept for more than an hour or two after plucking. Nothing has been told about the price of this rare flower, the price of this flower has been considered priceless. Till now the value of this flower in the world has not been estimated. This is the reason why it is known as priceless flower. It is a cactus and blooms only at night. Kadupul Flower cannot be plucked or cut. This flower, which makes you crazy with its fragrance, is found in Sri Lanka. Its specialty is that it dries up after a few hours of blooming.


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