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How to Choose Best Watermelon and Know Their Types

In the summer season, freshness is felt as soon as the name of watermelon is taken. After eating it, the heat is felt less. Actually, 95 percent water is present in watermelon, which hydrates the body easily. It protects the body from diseases. Watermelon is the most succulent fruit, so it is very much liked in summer.

 Refreshment is felt as soon as the name of watermelon is taken and all the heat disappears as soon as it is eaten. It is considered a very good means of keeping the body cool. Apart from this, the fiber present in it also keeps our stomach full for a long time and transmits energy in our body. There are many such nutrients in it, so it protects the body from diseases and removes the problems of the body.


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When we go to buy watermelons full of so many qualities, many times they are not sweet and red. In such a situation, here we tell you some such unique ways, with the help of which you will always be able to identify sweet and red watermelons before buying them. Follow some tips to buy watermelon.


How to choose Watermelon

Watermelon is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. It also contains essential amino acids, vitamins A, B6 and potassium. Many people find it difficult to choose the right watermelon. Let us tell you that watermelon should be ripe, sweet and naturally grown. The amount of nitrate in some watermelons is very high, which can cause poisoning, while under ripe or overripe watermelon is also harmful for health. When buying a watermelon, if you want to identify a sweet melon, then hold it in your hand and dab it with the other hand. By the sound that comes from the watermelon, you can identify whether it is ripe or raw. If the melon makes a tapping sound, it is considered ripe. If the sound is slow, then it can be considered raw. Striped watermelons can be sweet if they have thick green lines and light green stripes in the middle. More dark and brightly colored watermelons are sweet.

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Size of Watermelon

Watermelon comes in many different sizes. Watermelons range from round to oval and long. These melons are fine, but if the watermelon has any cuts, dents, or bulges, don’t buy it. Such a water match means that it contains an inappropriate amount of water and has not been grown properly. Whereas cut or dented watermelons can indicate worms or fungus.

Yellow Spots are Good

Most people do not buy watermelon after seeing yellow spots on them and buy green watermelon. But let us tell you that the more yellow spots under the watermelon, the more red and sweet they will be. Nitrogen is an essential element for plant growth and is often added to the soil as a fertilizer, but sometimes the amount of nitrate in watermelon can be very high. Due to this watermelon can harm health.


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No Hole anywhere

It is believed that a hole in the fruit means that there are worms in it, but the reason may not be due to hormonal injections. These days hormonal injections are given to make watermelon grow early and turn red which is very harmful for health. Before buying watermelon, see that there are no holes or cuts anywhere in the watermelon.


Tap Lightly

Pick whichever watermelon you like and try it once with light hands. If the watermelon is sweet and red, then there will be a sound like a cover. But if the watermelon is not sweet, then there will be no such sound in it. Many times you must have seen that people look at the watermelon while buying it. Let us tell you that the watermelon which will be ripe and sweet, there will be a loud sound when you tap it. On the other hand, under ripe and unripe watermelon will make less sound when it is hit.

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Heavy or Not

Before buying water melon, please take a look at it by lifting it in your hand. If the watermelon is heavy then you can buy it. Cooked water melon is always heavy. Watermelon also has to be weighed. Many people have a misconception that a watermelon that is lighter in weight and larger in size is better. But it is not so that small watermelons in size can also be good and sweet, but their weight should not be less. Yes, watermelon which is more in weight is more juicy and sweet. Therefore, whenever you buy watermelons, take different watermelons in both hands and measure their weight and then buy only the one which is more weighty.

Avoid Pickled Watermelons

If the color of cut watermelon is too bright, ask the shopkeeper to put it in water. If after doing this the color of the water starts turning bright pink, then do not buy it at all. Colored injections may be used in this. While buying watermelon, definitely check its color. If the watermelon is dark green in color then do not buy it at all as either it will be raw from inside or else it will be cold in stock. If you want a well ripe and sweet watermelon, then you should always buy a watermelon with light green stripes. Also, if there are yellow or cream colored spots on the watermelon, then the sweetness of that watermelon will be unmatched.


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Keep an Eye on the shape too

It is generally seen that oval shaped watermelons are mostly sweet. Whereas the watermelons of other shapes come out raw. So take oval watermelon.


Types of Watermelon

There are many types of watermelon. Which gets ready in less time and gives better production.

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Sugar Baby

Fruits of this variety are ready for harvesting 95-100 days after sowing the seeds, whose average weight is 4-6 kg. There are very few seeds in its fruit. 200-250 quintal yield per hectare can be obtained from this variety.

Arka Jyoti

The weight of the fruit of this variety is 6-8 kg. Its fruit storage capacity is also high. This variety can produce up to 350 quintals per hectare.


New Hempsine Midget

It is best suited for home gardening. Its fruits are 6 to 8 kg. This variety has been developed by the Indian Horticultural Research Institute, Bangalore. Its fruit storage capacity is also high.

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Durgapur Kesar

Fruits of this variety are 6 to 8 kg. Its pulp is saffron in colour.


These are medium sized fruits with light green peel. Fruits weigh from 7 to 8 kg. It gets ready in 90 to 100 days. This is a variety brought from Japan. Its skin is green and slightly striped. Its seeds are small.


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Arka Manik

Its fruits are ready in 110 to 115 days. It is round and oval in appearance. This variety has been developed by Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore. It is resistant to anthracnose, powdery mildew and downy mildew, gives yield up to 60 tonnes per hectare.



This variety NRCH. It has been released for cultivation in hot dry areas by This variety can tolerate high temperatures. The fruit obtained from this is superior in quality and sweet in taste. This variety matures in 75-80 days. Yield up to 46-50 tonnes per hectare can be obtained from this variety.

Apart from this, there are many other species of watermelon as well. Along with Kashi Pitambar, Pusa Bedana, Aishi Yamate, many hybrid varieties like Madhu, Milan, Mohini, Sitara also have watermelons.


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