Use Cool Fertilizer for your Garden in this Summer

Friends, many people plant fruit, vegetable or flower plants in their house. But in the hot season, the plants get burnt or dry up. That is why today we are going to give you information about cold manure, by adding which your plants will never rot in summer and will always be green. Many times people doing home gardening complain of drying up of plants in summer. Although, many people shift the plants to a shady place or even make a shed on the roof for the plants, but along with this, it is necessary to give cool manure to the plants. Just as we humans like to eat cool things in summer, in the same way plants also need a lot of coolness in summer. Due to excessive heat in this season, many plants get burnt or dry up. In such a situation, we should give coolness to its roots and also keep moisture in the leaves.

To prepare the first compost, you have to take 4 to 6 liters of water in a bucket. You have to put some old cow dung cakes in this water. After immersing well in water, some weight has to be placed on it so that they remain well immersed in water. After this, you have to keep this bucket like this for about 3-4 days under the cover.

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Similarly, to prepare second cold compost for plants, take about 5 liters of water in another bucket and add one kg of vermicompost to this water. After adding it to the water, stir it well and keep it covered too. Shaking it will allow the compost to settle down and use the liquid on top for your plants. Now the liquid will be ready in both these buckets and you can take them out and pour them on the plants.

Manure made from peels of fruits and vegetables

The skins of all vegetables and fruits contain some or the other nutrients, but the use of peels for vegetables and fruits that are available according to the season is very good for plant growth. For example, in the summer we throw away a lot of peels of watermelon or melon, while they contain potassium, phosphorous, calcium, carbohydrates along with many more micronutrients. Apart from this, using onion peels can also make good compost. For this, you put the peels of vegetables in water. By adding as much water as the peel is immersed, you cover it and keep it. Remove the lid and mix it once every day. After three to four days, the best liquid compost for your plants will be ready. You can mix it with water and put it on plants.

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Cow Dung Manure

Dung manure is best for summer. For this you have to take 6 to 7 liters of water in a bucket. You have to put fresh cow dung in this water. After dipping the cow dung thoroughly in water, cover it from above. After this, you have to cover this bucket and keep it like this for about three days. After three days, you can use it. Keep in mind, use it only by mixing it with water. Mixing three to four liters of water in a mug of cow dung liquid can be put in the plants. Along with this, Monalisa recommends avoiding the application of egg shell manure to the plants during the summer. So if your plants are also drying up in the summer, then you too can try these tips and give new life to your plants.

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Methods and benefits of making organic fertilizer

To maintain the fertility of the land, the use of natural fertilizers is increasing. Since the development of intensive agriculture, farmers have been continuously using chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers not only lead to soil and water pollution but also reduce the fertility of the land. The use of these fertilizers has bad effects on soil formation, ability to hold water, amount of organic carbon, pH value, decrease in quality of crops, human health and infertility in animals due to lack of nutritious fodder. To reduce or prevent these side effects, farmers can use organic fertilizers like cow dung, compost, vermicompost and green manure. The farmer can use these fertilizers himself.

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Vermicompost or Earthworm Manure

First a temporary shed is made to control the temperature and humidity. Then under this shed, the vermi tank whose size is about 1 m. wide, 0.5 m. deep and 10 m. lengthens. Agricultural residues, water mushrooms, leaves of banana and acacia, green dry leaves, non-flowering grass, rotten fruits and vegetables, domestic waste and animal dung can be used as material for making earthworm manure.

Benefits of Organic Manure

  • This improves the physical and chemical condition of the soil.
  • Increases fertilizer efficiency.
  • There is an increase in the activity of micro-organisms.
  • Improves soil structure which improves plant root spread. Along with this, the water holding capacity of the soil increases.
  • Soil erosion is less.
  • Maintains soil temperature and moisture.

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Manure of cow Dung

The following methods are mainly prevalent in India for making cow dung

Freezing Method:

Suitable size pit 9.1 m. tall, 1.8 m. wide and 0.8 m. deepens. Then cow dung is filled in it. While filling it is pressed in such a way that no space is left vacant. The upper part of the pit is made domed so that rain water does not enter it, along with it is coated with cow dung. The compost is left to form for about 2-3 months. In the absence of air in the pit, chemical reactions are less and its temperature cannot go above 34 °C. In this method nitrogen-containing substances are not able to come out from the compost.

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Hot Method:

In this method a thin layer of cow dung is put without pressing. Chemical reactions take place in the presence of air, due to which the temperature reaches above 60 °C. The special advantage of increasing the temperature is that the seeds of grass and coarse harmful plants present in it are destroyed. In this way 5-6 tonnes of manure can be made from the dung of each animal.


For making compost, such a place should be chosen where air and sunlight reach in less quantity and the place should be shady. After that dig a pit according to the amount of waste at that place. After this, first put dry cow dung of a few days old animals. After adding cow dung, make a layer of dry neem leaves in it. Because it contains high amount of nitrogen. After this, make 4-5 layers of wet and dry waste in it. Use vegetable waste, wet twigs of plants and green grass as wet waste. After filling the pit well, add water to it and make another layer of cow dung in it. Then make a layer of soil of about 15 cm over it and moisten it with water. After which leave it for 3 months. After 3 months, farmers use this compost in the field.

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Green manure:

Irrigate the field after harvesting wheat crop in the month of April-May. After this, sow the seeds of green manure crops like Dhencha, Cowpea, Urad, Moong, Guar, Berseem etc. in this field by putting in suitable quantity. Irrigate 1-2 times in between if needed. Plow the sown crop after 45-50 days and mix it in the soil. In this stage the length of the plant, the green-dry content is maximum. The stem of the crop is also soft and delicate. Which is easily found in soil. The availability of nitrogen is also more in the green manure made at this stage.

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