The Secret of Somavalli Plant : and why it is Used as Somras?

Somavalli is also called the queen of medicines. The importance and utility of Somavalli is widely mentioned in ancient texts and Vedas. From time immemorial, Somavalli is the plant to make deities and sages viva and give strength to them. It is known by the names of Mahasom, Ansuman, Rajatprabha, Kaniyana, Kanakaprabha, Pratapavan, Swayaprabha, Swetaan, Moon, Gayatra, Pavat, Jagat, Sakar etc. Its botanical name is said to be Sarcostemma acidum. There are many types of it. The specialty of this plant is that it does not have leaves. This plant is similar to vines only in the shape of the stalk. This plant with green stalks is also called Somavalli Lata. The juice that comes out of the vines of Soma is called Somaras.

Somavalli is neither cannabis nor any intoxicant leaves. Mon vines are found in mountain ranges. There is mention of its vines being found in the hilly areas of Arbud of Rajasthan, Mahendra Giri of Orissa, Vindhyachal, Malay etc. Some scholars believe that the Soma plant is found only on the hills of Afghanistan. It is a dark almond colored plant.


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The Forest Department claims about this rare plant called “Somavalli”, which has become extinct from the earth hundreds of years ago, that this plant is no longer anywhere in the whole world. Research is being done on this plant found in the forest of Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh by planting it in the nursery of the forest department. Even though there is no mention anywhere about this extinct plant, thousands of years old, but its importance and utility is widely mentioned in ancient texts and Vedas.


In ancient texts and Vedas Puranas it has been said about the Somavalli plant that the body gets rejuvenated by the consumption of this plant. The deities and sages used to consume the juice of this plant to make themselves viva and get strength, power and prosperity. Although there are many other rare plants along with the Somavalli plant, whose juice is mixed to make potent medicines, but no one is aware of these plants. World’s rarest medicine Somavalli has been found in the forests of Kyoti near Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. Devraj Indra’s favorite Somras was made from this plant.

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Nagarjuna’s disciple Samashruva spent his whole life in the new experiments of this Sanjeevani. At the end of his life he said “the stars in the sky can be counted, but the effect and importance of this herb cannot be counted.” He said, “Through this experiment, the person can be raised in the air above the ground. The person can move from one place to another with the velocity of the wind.” He further said that “If I had got some more time, I can say with certainty that by its effect a person can become immortal because death is controlled by it.”

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It Gives Eight Opulences

Eight opulences have been told in the life of a human being, by attaining which any person can reach the God category. Among all the herbs, Soma which is known as Sanjeevani herb in a way. Eight types of opulences can be obtained in this only herb. If any poisonous animal bites, then taking one tola powder of this herb mixed with honey removes any kind of poison. Describing the second experiment, it is said that if one tola powder of this herb mixed with honey is consumed regularly for 30 days, then any person gets rejuvenated. By strengthening the muscles, the old skin of the body comes off and in its place new skin comes out.

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Eye Light Increases

The light of the weak eye also increases and the problem of hearing less and less hearing starts with the ears and the person acquires novelty in every way. Therefore, this medicine is not less than a boon for Ayurveda.

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Its Basic Characteristics

Somavalli is a small creeper with fifteen leaves, which is mostly found on hilly land. According to the phase of the moon, leaves remain in it. By the way, its main identity is also another, it is said that this vine is without leaves on the new moon. And full leaves remain on the full moon. This is its basic feature. This creeper with many medicinal properties is used only in the very holy Somayyagya.

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Perfect for these Diseases

The specialty of this plant is that it is used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure and to beautify the body. Its description is found in mythological books, according to these books, Indra etc. used to consume somers made from this plant so that their body remains strong. If told, it is also said that this plant is not intoxicating, anyone can consume the juice made from it. But my advice to you is that you should use it only on the advice of a doctor because they know more about it.

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Somers Mentioned in the Vedas were Made from this

The specialty of this plant is that leaves are not found in it, this plant is similar to vines only in the shape of the stalk. This plant with green stalk is also called Somavalli Lata.


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