Effective Plants that Keep Ants away from House

Getting ants in the house is a simple thing. Ants are a particularly annoying pest that no one wants to be around.  But with the onset of summer, this problem gets worse. Sometimes this problem increases so much that even ants start eating food. In such a situation, if you have or already have the plants mentioned here in your house, then you can drive away ants from your house. Let us tell you that you will not have much trouble trying these tips and you will be able to eliminate this problem from your home in a few days.

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Plants That Repel Ants

The key to keeping ants away is smell. They rely on smell to communicate with each other and find new routes to food sources. The ants walk leaving behind one kind of smell and all the other ants follow the same smell and walk along the line. You can drive away ants from your house by planting these houseplants

Why These Plants Work

If you look closely, you will find that all these plants have something in common – a pungent smell. Ants use smell as their primary means of communication. The scent of these plants eliminates the scent trail left by the ants, which distracts the ants. As a result, instead of circling around these plants, it tries to avoid getting too close to the plants.

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Lavender is particularly known for its fragrance. Ants do not come as far as the scent of lavender goes. Lavender is a perennial herbaceous plant. This small plant has long stems. Small purple colored flowers grow in it. Lavender is used in food items such as tea, cookies and sweets, as well as in home decoration. Its fragrance is very attractive, due to which its fragrance makes the surrounding environment very good. That’s why it is used more in making perfumes. Along with this, its oil also has many benefits.

Lavender Impressive Plants That Repel Ants


You can choose from several varieties of mint, and you can help deter ants in the home. Nothing can be better than mint to drive away ants from your garden. Because we usually use mint a lot in our daily life, then mint is a good option for ants. It is very attractive in appearance and is scary to ants and other garden insects. it has a strong smell

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Rosemary is one of the popular plants of the herb garden, helps to fight the insects such as ants. You can plant rosemary near the entrance of your home and in flowerbed or herb beds. You need to plant the rosemary in pots and scatter them in the porches and patios. It grows up to 6 feet high in some warm climates and easy to scare the ants. You can also put it in some cooking dishes too.


One of the slow growing and sun-loving herbs that ants don’t care about. If you plant them on sidewalks or in flower beds, they will spread and grow every year. It has small purple or white flowers. Although it does not have a strong smell, it can drive ants away from the garden in its own way.

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Various types of marigold produce a scent that repels mosquitoes, rodents and even rabbits! These pretty flowers are highly recommended to be planted around the house, or along the borders of flower beds.


The oil that this plant produces helps to deter ants and insects. Tansy is one of the invasive perennial plants that propagate with the help of self-seeding and spreading rhizomes underneath.

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Garlic also has numerous health benefits for people. Nothing can be scarier for ants other than garlic. It is one of the popular natural pest controllers used by every gardener. It is a member of the onion family and the researchers say that it is the strong smell of the garlic that scares the ants and other annoying visitors in the garden.

Garlic Impressive Plants That Repel Ants


This wonderful herb contains citronella, a natural chemical famous for repelling ants, mosquitoes, and many other pests. While some species of lemongrass (Cymbopogon spp.) are known for their culinary uses, others are used in beekeeping and folk medicine. Another great benefit of lemongrass is its common use as an ornamental hedge or privacy screen, with perennial growth reaching more than 6’ feet tall.

Lemongrass Impressive Plants That Repel Ants

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Basil is an herb in the mint family. It adds flavor to meals, and its nutrients may provide health benefits.  insects aren’t such a fan of basil. Place pots of basil by your doors and effectively keep away house flies and mosquitoes  Best of all. Basil is really easy to grow.

Basil Impressive Plants That Repel Ants

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