Plants Care During the Holidays

We all often go away from home to spend our holidays. In such a situation, the concern of not watering their plants remains in the minds of the gardeners. When it comes to a day or two, people don’t think much. But, if you have to go somewhere for a week or ten days, then you have to think about how to arrange water for the plants? Today we are going to give you such tips which are for you to solve these problems.

Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation system is an advanced technique of irrigation which saves water. In this method, water is delivered drop by drop directly to the root of the plant or tree, so that the roots of the plant absorb the water slowly. In this method, along with water, fertilizers are also directly delivered to the root zone of the plant, which is called fructification.

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Although it may look sophisticated and complicated, but if you want the plants to get water at the right time, drip irrigation system is the easiest way to ensure this. You can set the time for watering your plants with the automatic system. This helps you determine the time and frequency of watering. Automated watering system is a good and sensible investment for long term, especially for your kitchen garden which needs to be watered at just the right time to give maximum yield.

Self Automatic Drip System

Self-automatic drip systems have a sensor that monitors the moisture content of the soil. Whenever the moisture starts decreasing in the plants, it automatically turns on and gives water to the plants through dripper. In which there is a water storage tank at the bottom of the container. Along with this, a tap is also installed in it to remove the excess water. This plant draws water from the reservoir. Before going out, fill the reservoir sufficiently so that it does not run out of water by the time you come. You can use it even when you are at home, because many times we unnecessarily water the plants, due to which the plants wither. With this, not only will the plants get water as per their requirement, but the wastage of water will also be reduced. This does not require a tap. Also it does not require any kind of electricity. So you can turn off the main switch before going on holiday outside.

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Hydrogel  for Plants

A hydrogel is a compound cross-linked substance made up of atoms. A hydrogel is a white grain-like substance made by a chemical process. When exposed to water, it turns into a gel and sticks to the root of the plant by absorbing water 350-500 times its weight and moistening the crop as needed. Hydrogels absorb more water than necessary when water is available in sufficient quantity, and return the same water to the plants in times of drought. Hydrogels are a type of polymer crystals that have the ability to absorb and hold water and deliver it to the plant as needed. If you are going out for 3-4 days then hydrogel is the best option for you.


Mulching refers to the process of systematically covering the ground around the plants. There are two types of this mulching. First – by using natural mulching (straw, straw, dry grass, sugarcane leaves, crop residue) and secondly by plastic mulching (polythene sheet). Both these methods cover the land near the crop and the production can be increased. If the soil of the plants is well covered by plastic sheet (film) from all sides, then this method is called plastic mulching. In this way the plants are protected and crop production also increases.

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Soil loses its moisture due to evaporation, which causes the plants to dry out faster. A layer of mulch over the soil keeps the soil moist for a long period of time. Mulching is very important to retain water in the soil and it provides a proper environment for fertilization. Mulching maintains the moisture content in the soil sufficient for the plant for at least three to four days. You can also use wet kitchen waste to make a great mulch. Also, lay mulch at least two inches deep.

Electronic Wiring System

Although timer based watering devices are available in the market, they do not have the capability to measure soil moisture. This can cause the plant to overwater. Electronic self-watering systems come with sensors so that plants can be watered only when they are dry. By using such a system, the problem of less water going or more water going can be overcome. These devices are also designed for times of drought.” If you’re going out for more than a week, a sensor-based watering system is a good option.

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Friends or Neighbours

When you are not at home, you can ask your friends or neighbors to do the work of watering the plants. Collect the plants in a shady place depending on their water requirement, this will not only conserve moisture but also make watering easier.

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From Plastic Bottle / Rope / Cotton

Take a plastic bottle and make a small hole in its lid so that water slowly seeps into the soil. After this, turn this bottle upside down and hang it near the plant. Apart from this, you can also keep a big pot of water on a high stool. Make a rope of cotton and keep one end of it in water and one end near the plant. The water from this rope will slowly seep into the plant. Cover the water container to ensure that the water does not evaporate.

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