Easy way to Propagate Roses from Cuttings

Rose is a multi-year plant, whose shape is bushy, fragrant flowers come on it. The botanical name of rose is Rosa. It belongs to the Rosaceae family. All the flowers of this species are soft and soft. More than a hundred species are found, of which Asia is the largest. This plant is originally believed to be native to Europe and North America.

The rose flower is usually seen more of red color. But it is also found in colors like red, pink, yellow, and black. When the flower blooms, its lower part is covered with petals from all sides. These petals are very soft. Because of this, it looks very beautiful and attractive. There are many thorns on its plant, which are very sharp. The plant is shaped like a bush. It remains green throughout the year, it never gets autumn.

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How to Grow rose plant at Home

How to plant rose flower planting at home. Method of planting rose plant. Like all plants, you can easily plant a rose plant in your pot. This plant is planted in many ways. Today we will go about all kinds of method, in which how to plant rose plant cuttings, or how to plant rose seeds. Know all kinds of method of applying it. So let’s first know how to grow roses with a pen.

How to Propagate Roses from Cuttings

Before planting rose cuttings, you must keep one thing in mind. Always cut the cuttings of native roses. Because the English rose plant is not grown by cuttings. So let’s know, how to cut rose cuttings and how to apply it.

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In which month to plant rose cuttings?

Rose cuttings should always be planted in the rainy months. These days the cuttings of roses are taken very quickly and the cuttings do not have to be taken much care of during the rainy season.

Step 1. First of all, you have to take 5 to 6 cuttings equal to the thickness of the pencil from a native rose plant. Whose length should be kept about 6 to 7 inches. The cuttings of this type of rose take root well. You do not have to take very thick cuttings. Whenever you plant a rose cutting, always put 8 to 10 cuttings together because some of these cuttings get spoiled.

Step 2. After preparing all the cuttings, you have to prepare the soil in a pot. Mix 60% normal soil and 20% old manure of cow dung and 20% sand and fill it in the pot. Press the soil well in the pot.

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Step 3. After this, you have to take all the rose cuttings, and dip them in about an inch of water from the bottom and apply rooting hormone powder on it. Apply rooting hormone powder on all the cuttings in the same way.

Step 4. After this, make two-inch deep pits in your pot with any wood. How much is your pen? Putting all the pens in those pits, bury them well.

Step 5. After applying the pen, fill the pot with water. You have to maintain the moisture inside it for about two months. Meanwhile, keep sprinkling water in the pot in between. Never see your rose pen shaken, it gets damaged.

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Step 6. All these pens take root within two months. After this, when the leaves start coming on them well, then you have to move them out of the small pot and plant them in a big pot. In this way you can grow roses with a pen.

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