Leaves Turn Yellow and How to Fix Them

It Living Room, Balcony, Terrace or Lawn, green blooming leaves fascinate the mind and when the same leaves start turning yellow, then the whole beauty starts going and your face also turns yellow with worry.

Plants planted in pots or containers are more prone to yellowing problems. Nowadays people have started planting almost all kinds of plants in their garden. But the plants need more care than they look good. Each plant has different season-specific care and nutritional needs. If the plants are not taken care of properly, they start drying up and the leaves also start turning yellow. Most of the people have to face the problem like drying and yellowing of leaves. Plants are just like our health, which need nutrients from time to time. If they do not get the nutrients on time, then the plants start having many problems, diseases etc.


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Yellow leaves of most plants are due to these reasons, such as too much water or less, too much sunlight, infection, dehydration, moisture, too little nutrition, soil pH, besides this yellow leaves can be due to many reasons. The leaves of some plants are also yellow because the life of the leaves is so long and they dry up and fall and new leaves start coming.


Too much or too little water

When a plant has too much water, your plant’s leaves may turn yellow. It is very important to take care of the proper amount of moisture in the plants. Because the amount of water depends on the nature of the plant. If you water the plants daily, keep in mind that too much water can be just as harmful to the leaves. When the soil doesn’t drain well, an excess of water can cause the soil to become waterlogged and the root system can literally drown and without oxygen, the roots begin to die. So water the plants according to them.

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If the plant does not get enough water, it starts dropping leaves to save water, so the leaves first turn yellow and then they start falling. In the yellowing caused by lack of water, other leaves of the plant wither, if water is not given at the right time, then they will also turn yellow and fall later.

More or Less Sunlight

Plants need light to grow. When a plant receives too little sunlight, the leaves may also turn yellow. That’s why you keep it in a place with good lighting. Sometimes the leaves of the plant can turn yellow even from excessive light.


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Many times, due to pests in plants, problems like yellowing of leaves, shriveling, spotting etc. Inspect your plant carefully and see if you have any insects. If so, spray your plant with a special insecticide. If the plants are sprayed regularly, the problem of pests will go away.



It may happen that you accidentally forgot to water a plant or dry air causes your plant to dry out more quickly so make sure your plant is watered quickly.

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Very little Nutrition

Plants get nutrition from the soil/pot soil. When potted soil becomes old and no longer contains nutrients for the plant, yellow leaves may appear. So you take out the plant from the pot and remove the soil from the old pot around the roots and add new soil. The plant can soon again absorb nutrients through the soil and will be green. Plants grow fully only when they get all the nutrients regularly. If they do not get the right nutrients, they start drying up and they do not have proper growth. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the plants from time to time so that the plants do not dry out and they get all the nutrients.

Neem cake is the best source to overcome all the nutrient deficiencies of plants because it is rich in major minerals including magnesium-sulfate nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur, which is helpful in increasing the plant cell growth.


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Give seeds a Better Start

For a good plant, it is necessary for the seeds to grow fully. If the seeds do not grow properly, then the plants have to face many problems such as the leaves dry up and fruits, flowers are not able to come in it, so you can use neem oil cake to give a better start to the seeds because The magnesium present in it increases seed germination by strengthening the plant cell and providing energy for growth. Due to many types of infection, the plant starts turning yellow which can be due to any virus or fungus. In this, along with the leaves, the stalk can also be damaged, by taking timely measures, the plant can be saved.


What to do with yellow leaves?

You have yellow leaves on your plant. Now what do you have to do with it? Does your plant have many leaves and some are yellow? Take it out That way, your plant no longer sends energy there and can focus on healthy leaves. Is there only one leaf left but are the roots of your plant still healthy? Leave it on until new leaves appear. Often the leaf that is yellow dies on its own.

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