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The best top 10 Plants that give oxygen 24 hours a day ever !

The best source of oxygen is trees and plants, you can plant some plants at your home, keeping them in the room keeps enough oxygen at all times. Thousands of patients had to deal with the shortage of oxygen, when there was a severe shortage of oxygen in the big hospitals of the country, then all the people started searching for their place in the green environment and going to the villages to save their lives. Because there is pure air and plenty of oxygen.

Usually some people plant trees and plants, but they understand their work only till they pour water. If you keep a good relation with the trees and plants kept in the house, then you can get all kinds of health benefits. There are some trees and plants that provide oxygen for 24 hours, we are going to tell you about 10 such plants which are also beneficial for your health.


Peepal / पीपल : Many benefits of Peepal are told. Peepal tree has the ability to do photosynthesis which is called Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM). Peepal tree not only helps in providing oxygen naturally and it is also very effective in diseases like diabetes, constipation and asthma. There is also an old saying that sleeping under a Peepal tree keeps ghosts away, whereas science believes that sleeping under a Peepal tree increases your life. Peepal tree also has many religious sentiments attached to it, some people also worship it.

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Neem / नीम : Although it is bitter in taste, but it also works to remove insects. Neem is considered to be full of many medicinal properties. Neem trees purify the air by releasing the existing oxygen around at night. The properties of natural pesticides are also found in neem.

Orchids / ऑर्किड : In addition to emitting oxygen at night, orchids also eliminate xylene-pollutant found in paint and fill the room with fresh air to breathe. This plant and its flower are not only very beautiful to look at, but it also has many benefits. In the night time, this plant releases oxygen. With the help of this plant, it also helps in cleaning the xylene pollution present in the paints.


Aloe Vera / एलोवेरा : Whenever you must have heard about the benefits of plants, Aloe Vera always tops the charts. Aloe vera is used in many diseases ranging from skin care to humans. This plant releases auxin at night and helps in increasing life. The special thing about aloe vera is that you do not even have to worry about maintaining it.

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Snake Plant / स्‍नेक प्‍लांट : Like aloe vera, snake plant also releases oxygen at night. Also, these plants pull the existing carbon dioxide in the air. In such a situation, you can keep it in your home. You do not even need to water it every day and this plant is easy to grow.

Basil / तुलसी : Basil (Tulsi) is a very good herb. Mostly known as holy basil. It is native to India and is mostly cultivated in South-East Asia. It is commonly used to treat asthma, cold, sore throat, high BP and cholesterol.


Gerbera Daisy / गरबेरा डेजी : Many people use this plant as a decoration. The specialty of this plant is that it can make oxygen even at night. This plant needs direct sunlight. You can keep this plant near the window in any room of the house where there is little light.

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Areca Palm / अरेका पाम : Areca Palm is grown as an indoor plant and requires special attention. Areca palm converts toxic gases like carbon monoxide into clean air, which keeps moisture in the atmosphere. Apart from this, they are also very beautiful to look at. These days most people completely close their rooms due to running AC, due to which natural air does not come in any way. To deal with this problem, most people put this plant in their rooms.

Money Plant / मनी प्लांट : Money Plant is very easy to care for. It improves the quality of the indoor air, you can easily see it in people’s homes, this is a plant that children and adults know and probably the reason for this is its name, they also have amazing ability to produce more oxygen. Is. It has been found that it is also helpful in relieving stress and insomnia.


Spider Plant / स्पाइडर प्लांट : Spider Plant One of the great indoor plants that removes carbon impurities from the air and acts as a natural air purifier in your home. To make a natural air purifier, and definitely put this type of indoor plant in your homes.

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