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It’s All About The Money Plant

By planting money plant in the house, happiness and prosperity remain. It has also been told in Vastu Shastra that if a money plant is Planting in the house, then the atmosphere of the house is positive and many defects of the house are removed. Money plant plant also purifies the surrounding air.

Why Money plant is called money plant?

You people must have also heard that the more money plant flourishes, the more the person progresses. There is never a shortage of money by applying it at home. One of the reasons why the plant is called a money plant is that it has round, thorny, flat leaves, which look like coins. This plant is usually kept as a dwarf at home but it can also be grown in the garden. It is also called the plant of friendship, because it is very easy to give it to each other.


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There is a story behind the name ‘Money Plant’

It is said that a poor farmer lived in Taiwan, he found a plant which was slightly different from other plants in appearance. That farmer planted that plant outside his house. Then that plant started growing slowly without any care. As the plant was growing, the farmer was also becoming a successful businessman by taking inspiration from that plant due to his hard work. Seeing all this, people started seeing a green plant outside his house as the reason for the progress of the farmer. After this, people associated that plant with prosperity and named it Money Plant.


Right direction for placing money plant at home according to Vastu

The money plant should be planted in the right direction in the house, the south-east direction is considered to be the best for planting money plant in the house. Planting this plant in this direction increases positive energy. The reason for placing money plant in the south-east direction is that the karaka planet of this direction is Venus. The planet Venus is also the factor of vine and creeper plants. Planting money plant of the same plant in the direction of Venus is more auspicious.

Money plant should not be planted i.e. in the north-east direction. The karaka of North-East direction is the planet Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter are both enemies of each other. For this reason, the plant of Venus planet should not be planted in the northeast.


How to Care Money Plant

Money plant plant is easy to plant, it requires very little service to keep it green.

Growing money plant in soil: –

The soil that is used for the money plant plant should be mixed with 30% sand. The water in this mixture easily drains to the bottom and the plant develops well. If you put the cuttings of money plant in water and plant them in the soil after the roots develop then the plant will grow quickly.


Water Requirement

Money plant plants do not require much water. If the plant is kept indoors, you can water your money plant once every 7 to 10 days during the summer season. In the winter season, you can sprinkle water on the leaves and water the plant thoroughly once every 2 weeks.

Money Plant Light Requirements

If a money plant is installed inside the house, then the need of sunlight must be taken care of. For good growth of money plant, keep such a place where there is little sunlight, not much sunlight will burn the leaves.



Manure once a month is enough for money plant and when you fertilize then evening time will be better.

Types of Money Plant

There are different types of money plants that you can find in India.

S No. Name Botanical Name
1 Golden Pothos / Devil’s ivy Money Plant Epipremnum aureum
2 Split Leaf Money Plant Monstera deliciosa
3 Marble Queen / N’Joy Pothos Money Plant Epipremnum aureum’ Marble Queen.’
4 Marble Prince Money Plant Epipremnum aureum’ Marble Prince.’
5 Silver  / Satin Money Plant Scindapsus pictus
6 Swiss Cheese Money Plant Monstera obliqua
7 Big Leaf Money Plant Scindapsus aureus
8 Hawaiian Pothos Epipremnum aureum
9 Neon Money Plant Epipremnum aureum ‘ Neon.’

Golden Pothos / Devil’s ivy Money Plant

Golden pothos is also known as golden pothos or devil’s ivy. Golden pothos has shiny leaves that are beautiful to look at and these leaves have golden or yellow specks.


Hawaiian Pothos

The difference between Hawaiian Pothos and Golden Pothos lies in their color or variation. It is difficult to tell the difference between the two at first glance. It has a variegated color with dark green, yellow, and white streaks.



Split Leaf Money Plant

Split Leaf Money Plants are fast growing houseplants that can easily survive in less sunlight. The leaves of Split Leaf Money Plant are very big and there are cuts in the leaves which look very beautiful.


Marble Queen / N’Joy Pothos Money Plant

The Marble Queen Money Plant has cream and white leaves. The Marble Queen Money Plant needs sunlight to maintain its beautiful colours. Marble Queen Money Plant requires 4-6 hours of strong sunlight daily.


Marble Prince Money Plant

Marble Prince Money Plant looks like Marble Queen Money Plant but leaves of Marble Prince Money Plant are white and green in color, it does not need much sunlight.


Silver  / Satin Money Plant

Silver Money Plant is famous for its beautiful leaves, it has a shimmering silver color pattern on its green leaves, hence it is also known as satin pothos.


Swiss Cheese Money Plant

The Swiss Cheese Money Plant is also a large leaf houseplant. Its glossy leaves have a sort of perforated pattern that sets it apart.


Big Leaf Money Plant

Big Leaf Money Plant Plants have large leaves and thick stems. They do not require much care.


Neon Money Plant

Neon Money Plant is the most beautiful variety of money plant. Its leaves have a different and unique color. It almost looks yellow to neon in shade


Benefits of Money Plants

  • Money plant plant purifies the air, so planting money plant indoors rather than outside the house gives more benefit.
  • Problems away and providing a positive Environment.
  • It also helps in removing bad luck from the owners of the house thus giving you good fortune and wealth.



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