Summer is a great time to enjoy your balcony garden, but it can also be a challenging season for your plants. High temperatures, intense sunlight, and dry air can damage or kill your beloved plants. However, with a few simple precautions, you can protect your balcony garden and keep it thriving all summer.

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Balcony Gardening Tips Care In Summer Season

If you want to know how to save plants in summer and keep plants safe during summer, then the following methods will help you keep your trees and plants green even in hot summer and sun. So let us know how to take care of the plants during summer and the tips to protect them from the scorching heat and sunlight.

  1. Arrange Balcony Plants In Summer Time.
  2. Give Shade For Plant By Cloth in summer.
  3. Give Water For Plants In Summer
  4. Mulching For Plants In Pots
  5. Protect Plants From Pests in Summer
  6. Best Pot For Balcony Garden Plant
  7. Protect Plants From Hot Wind In Balcony
  8. Check Plants Regularly On the Balcony
  9. Use Fertilizer
  10. Water before a heat wave

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Arrange Balcony Plants In Summer Time

Excessive sunlight can harm your plants, so arrange the potted plants on your balcony to get enough sunlight according to their needs. In the hot summer, the plants should be kept close to protect them from overheating.

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Give Shade For Plant By Cloth in summer.

If the plants on your balcony get more sunlight, then the plants may wither, and as a result, your whole plant may be damaged. To save the plants in the soil of your pot from this situation, you can use a shade cloth or Green net can provide shade to the plant so that the plants planted on the balcony can remain green and healthy even during the hot summer. Using a shade net will be highly beneficial to protect plants from damage caused by excessive sunlight.

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Give Water For Plants In Summer

During the summer, plants need to be given more water because some water delivered to the plant evaporates in the summer, and the soil absorbs some water, so your plant gets its water. However, water is unavailable as per the requirement, plants wither if they do not get enough water, and your plant can also be destroyed due to lack of water, so make sure to give enough water to your plant during summer. During extreme heat, you can water the potted plants in the balcony garden twice daily.

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Mulching For Plants In Pots

Due to excessive heat, the soil of the pot planted in your plant loses its moisture, which has a terrible effect on the growth of your plant, and due to dry soil, your plant may also die, so in the summer, keep the plants planted in the balcony garden. Mulching the soil around the plants with a layer of mulch/leaves/newspapers etc., would be an excellent option to protect the soil and retain moisture in the soil, And will help maintain greenery even in hot weather.

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Protect Plants From Pests in Summer

Whether plants are in a kitchen or balcony garden, pest attack is a common problem that can cause massive damage to your plant at any time. Your plant’s growth is also greatly affected by pest attacks, so balcony garden. You can use neem oil or other insect killers as organic pesticides to protect the plants from pests.

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Best Pot For Balcony Garden Plant

Avoid planting plants in plastic or dark-colored pots in balcony gardens during the summer season, as these pots absorb more heat and increase the temperature inside the soil of the plant, which may harm your plants, heat You can use earthen pots to plant plants in addition to this, it would be appropriate to use geo fabric grow bags as the best container for cultivating plants in the balcony garden.

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Protect Plants From Hot Wind In Balcony

On higher floors, balcony plants are more vulnerable to dry winds in summer that can cause sudden wilting of plants. These hot winds also damage vines and vines, so a balcony garden in summer is essential. It is necessary to protect the trees and plants engaged in hot winds. For this, you can keep the plants in a safe place. You can also save the plants safely using a wind-resistant cloth or shade net.

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Check Plants Regularly On the Balcony

Many times, even after taking regular care of the potted plants on the balcony, the plant leaves begin to wither and turn from green to yellow. This is due to excessive heat or lack of water. When this happens, the effective plant should be treated. You should be immediately transferred to a shady place and water the plant regularly so that your plant can become healthy and green again.

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Use Fertilizer

Use a slow-release fertilizer to keep your plants healthy and strong during the summer. Fertilizers containing nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are ideal for most plants.

Water before a heat wave – but resist the urge to overwater

Give your garden a good deep drink of water in the evening or morning before a heat wave is due to hit. Providing water well before the peak heat of the day will give them ample time to soak up the water and keep you out of the sun too!


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However, resist the urge to continue pouring water onto your plants all day. Plants may wilt under high heat and intense sun, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they need more water. Before offering more water, check the moisture content of your soil by probing an inch or two below the soil surface.


Following these simple tips, you can protect your balcony garden from the summer heat and keep your plants healthy and thriving. Constantly monitor your plants and make adjustments as necessary to ensure their survival.

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Q1. What is heat stress in balcony gardening?

Ans: Heat stress in balcony gardening refers to the harmful effects of excessive heat on plants grown in containers on balconies or rooftops. This can lead to wilting, leaf scorching, and other damage.


Q2. What are some solutions to prevent heat stress in balcony gardens?

Ans: There are several solutions to prevent heat stress in balcony gardens, such as providing shade with umbrellas or shade cloth, using light-colored containers, providing adequate water and nutrients, and choosing heat-tolerant plants.


Q3. How often should I water my balcony garden in summer?

Ans: The frequency of watering your balcony garden in summer depends on several factors such as the type of plant, the size of the container, and the amount of sun exposure. Generally, you should water your plants once a day or every other day, but you should monitor the soil moisture level and adjust accordingly.


Q4. What are some heat-tolerant plants for balcony gardens?

Ans: There are many heat-tolerant plants that are suitable for balcony gardens, such as succulents, cacti, herbs like basil and oregano, and flowers like marigolds and zinnias.


Q5. Can I grow vegetables in my balcony garden in summer?

Ans: Yes, you can grow vegetables in your balcony garden in summer, but you need to choose heat-tolerant varieties and provide them with adequate water and nutrients. Some vegetables that are suitable for balcony gardens include tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.