Some people want to give natural look to their home decor, and for this they also plant plants. Using flowers and plants to decorate the house is soothing. They not only purify the air but also play an important role in decoration. Nowadays people use unique ideas for home decoration. Beautifully decorated plants double the beauty of the house. The biggest advantage of indoor plants is that they can be kept anywhere in the house. Nowadays many types of designer pots are available in the market. Which can be made a part of home decoration according to your convenience and choice. If you also want to know how to decorate every part of your house with plants? So here are some fun and interesting ideas that you can use to give your home a green color.

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How to decorate every part of your house with plants?

Decorate the front hall with plants

Dress up plants in a hanging basket as indoor decor and give it a better look. You can also display them in pots on a plant stand.

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Decorate the bathroom with plants

Planting some plants in the bathroom can change its look. It is not a bad idea to add some greenery to the bathroom, display some plants in this area and make it more pleasant.

Decorate your home office with plants

Planting plants in your home office will not only make it look attractive but will also boost people’s focus. Will reduce radiation, bring positivity, and is good for your vision.

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Decorate the bedroom with plants

Place a plant on a small table or stool near your bed. This will ensure that you get fresh air while giving a dreamy look to the room.

Decorate the courtyard with plants

Include some tall plants on your patio. It will not only look attractive but it will also boost the focus of the people.

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Decorate the kitchen with plants

Don’t overlook your kitchen while decorating the house, as it is a good idea to grow houseplants on the kitchen windowsill. You can choose plants for your cooking space according to Feng Shui.

Decorate the shelves with plants

Plant some trailing or climbing plants to spruce up the dull-looking, boring shelves in your study room.

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Decorate the living room with plants

Liven up your living room by adding a stylish shelf with beautiful houseplants. This way you can combine all your favorite plants in a single setup

Use plants as room dividers

You can improve any large space by creating privacy screens and letting fresh air in to breathe. Install a tall stand with potted plants and create a room divider.

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Decorate the dining room with plants

Plants can make your dining experience more enjoyable. Enjoy your meal in the environment of greenery.

Decorate the walls with plants

Instead of spending money on expensive wall paintings, it would be wise to go for artistic plant wall art ideas.

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fill an empty corner with plants

Liven up an empty corner using a hanging planter. Let the beautiful green vines hang freely and make the space look charming.

Decorate the bookcase with plants

The built-in bookcase is not only for keeping books but you can also use them to display plants.

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Decorate the entrance with plants

Place a large umbrella tree or Boston fern on either side of your entryway to warmly welcome your guests.

Studying with plants

Liven up a reading space with ample plants and greenery with a fresh breeze and an inviting look.

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Decorate the staircase with plants

Intersperse mini houseplants, ornamental pots, and trailing houseplants like this one on a ladder to create a minimalist yet beautiful backdrop.

We hope that our readers will definitely like this blog on decorating the house with plants and they will bring positivity to their home by decorating it with plants and will also share it with others.

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