We can grow most of the commonly liked fruits at our home, many times people think that it is not possible to grow strawberries at home. Tell such people that strawberries can also be grown very easily at home. Today we will tell you the tips to grow organic strawberries at home. The winter season is considered good for its cultivation. Let us tell you that strawberries are rich in vitamins A, C, E, and B complex. There are three ways to grow strawberries: from seed, baby plant, or nursery. From the month of November, you would get saplings from the nursery.

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Learn how to grow strawberries at home in easy steps. Here we are giving some tips to grow strawberries at home. Growing strawberries at home are very easy. If you also want to plant strawberry plants at home, then learn the easy way to grow them in a pot at home. Strawberry is mildly sour and mildly sweet in taste. It can grow both inside the playhouse and on the open terrace. Strawberry plants can be grown in different types of soil and climate. Strawberry plant starts bearing fruits in a few months. Strawberry plants can also be grown in a pot in the home garden.

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Two Main Types of Strawberries

There are two main types of strawberries, one is June-bearing, plants that bear fruit in early summer. Second ever-bearing, these plants bear fruit till autumn. June-bearing varieties take a year to become established, and ever-bearing plants can give you fruit from the very first year.

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What do you need to grow Strawberries

  • Strawberry plant / Seed
  • Pot or Grow Bag
  • Potting Mix
  • Organic Fertilizer

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Strawberry Planting Time (season)

Strawberry seedlings at home should be planted from August to October. Planting of strawberries can be started after some time i.e. in September-October if the temperature is high at the time of transplanting.


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Tips on Growing Strawberries from Seeds

Strawberry plant is very difficult to grow from seed because it needs the right temperature for germination. For this, the early season of winter is considered the best. Remove the seeds from the strawberries and dry them for 24 hours. For good germination, wet 50% vermicum and 50% cocopeat and mix it well and fill them in a tray and put seeds on it. Sprinkle light water over it because too much water can spoil the seeds. After 18 – 20 days, when the leaves start coming, plant it in the pot.


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How to plant strawberry plant brought from nursery

Now let’s talk about growing a strawberry plant from a seedling. This is a very easy process. While buying plants from the nursery, make sure that the plants are mature. For this, mix Garden Soil 50%, Vermicompost 30%, Cocopeat 20% and a little Neem Khali powder well. After filling half the soil in the pot, plant a plant in it. Now water it regularly. When the strawberry plant starts flowering, it is necessary to do mulching in it. For this, you can use dry grass or any other material, which keeps the strawberry fruit away from the soil.


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How to Plant Strawberry Plants in a Pot

You can plant strawberries in any plastic or clay pot. However, for this, it is necessary to have drainage holes in the pot. If you want, you can also plant small strawberry plants on your balcony. It has a great advantage that once planted, it keeps on giving fruits for 3 to 4 years.

  • Soak the strawberry plants in water for 30 minutes. Fill a large tub with a few inches or centimeters of water. Then, allow the roots of your strawberry plants to soak up water ahead of time, which will make them easier to plant.
  • Separate the roots. Gently move the roots away from each other so they don’t stick together in the soil.
  • Plant the strawberry plants near the edge of the pot. Create a gap between the strawberry plants. Try to keep plants 10 inches (25 cm) apart from each other.
  • Plant the strawberries so that the tops of the root balls are 1 inch (2.5 cm) below the top edge of the soil in the pot. This is necessary to provide the roots of your strawberry plants with enough air under the soil mix.
  • Now cover the strawberry plants with soil from all sides and water the soil thoroughly.

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How to Care for Strawberry Plants

To protect your fruit from insects and small animals, you can cover it with a net. It is necessary for strawberries to have such weather that it is sunny during the day and cold at night. Fertilize the plants after every 15 days. When the plant starts giving fruits, mix 5 ml Alagaezyme seaweed liquid in one liter of water and spray it on all the plants. Due to this, the plant gets good nutrients and also the plant gives more fruits.


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When you feel that the top soil is dry, then only add water to it and while adding water, keep in mind that the water should not go on the fruit or leaves, only put it in the root. After harvesting, when the winter season is over, add manure to the plant to keep it healthy till the next winter. If you see insects or another fungus in your plant, then use neem oil for that.


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