Whether it is a crop from the farmer’s field or plants planted in the garden or plants in pots at home. People are very worried about this problem of drying up plants everywhere. This problem of dying plants happens to almost all people, in fact, it is not a new problem, nor do you need to panic about this problem. Because today we tell you how to save a dying plant? I am going to tell you about its solution.

If you are thinking that to save a dying plant, you will have to work very hard or use very expensive chemical drugs which will cost more money, then remove this thought from your mind. Because here we are going to give you detailed information about how to save the dying plants and what to do if the plants dry up.

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Only you can feel that happiness when plants laden with fruits and flowers bloom in your garden and when the same plants become unconscious for some reason or die suddenly, then their suffering does not diminish.

Sometimes we do not even understand why the plant suddenly died. But do you know that in some easy ways you can also save your dying plant?

Today we will tell you some easy ways by which you can give new life to your plant.

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There can be many reasons for the wilting of plants.

  • Excess of water
  • insufficiency of water
  • nutritional deficiency
  • sudden change in weather
  • lack of sunlight
  • excessive sunlight
  • disease or virus attack
  • Root rot problems due to clogging of pot drainage holes
  • not reporting on time
  • Incorrect choice of pot location

Any of the above reasons could be the reason for your plant dying, which you need to check.

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How to save a plant from dying?

After knowing the right reason, move your plant to a different place from other plants. Cut off as many dry twigs as possible.

Cut the twigs until the green part of the middle of the twig is visible. If even a little bit of green is visible, then your plant is alive.

Now that we have removed all the dry twigs, then the plant will put all its energy into its defense and growth.

Now take the plant out of the pot by carefully holding it by the root, and remove the soil in the roots. Remove the soil up to the root ball, now you will see that some white-colored roots are still left on the root ball, so remove all the roots other than these white roots with light hands. These white roots are still healthy.

Now wash the roots including the root ball with good water.

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Now we will use hydrogen peroxide, take 200ml of water and mix 10ml hydrogen peroxide in it and leave the roots of the plant in it for 15 minutes.

In the meantime, we will wash the pot in which the plant was in good water and dry it.

Now prepare well-drained soil, for this, take 50% garden fertile soil, 30% vermicompost or completely rotted manure, and mix 20% sand or cocopeat. Also, add some quantity of neem cake.

Now put the pieces of the broken pot in the drainage hole of the pot and put the well-drained soil prepared by you and plant the plant. Now do not keep this plant in direct sunlight, for some time keep it in a place where it gets light sunlight.

Now you just have to keep a little eye on your plant, within 2 weeks to 1 month you will see your plant getting healthy.

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How to take good care of plants in the garden

People are very fond of making a garden near their house. And plant different types of trees and plants in his garden. But the manure and water that people give for the growth of these plants, they are not able to give it properly. That is why it is often seen that plants start dying in the garden. So friends, let us know how to save the dying plant in the garden.

When should plants be watered?

Plants planted in the garden should not be allowed to have excess and lack of water. By the way, water is given to the plants in the garden through a drip. But the people of the village still water the plants in the old way. At present, very few people use drip irrigation in the village. In such a situation, since the plants in the garden are located far and wide and people irrigate it through thin pipelines.

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And the pipe has to be pulled to water all the plants. And those who give water to the plants, give less water in a hurry. Due to this, the plants do not get as much water as they should. And the plants begin to dry up or die. Plants in the garden mostly die in summer because the temperature rises a lot these days and the plants need more water twice in the morning and evening.

Avoid over-fertilizing

Avoid giving too much fertilizer in the garden, and if possible, use more native manure and give it near the plants. And reduce the use of chemical fertilizers. And if there are chemical fertilizers, then they should be given at a distance of 1 to 1.5 feet if the plants are small and at a distance of 3 feet if the plants are large i.e. 5 feet.

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weeding method

Whenever to give fertilizer, dig around it with a furrow or hoe with a spade, then give the plant away and do it in roundness. Don’t forget to even close. Otherwise, the roots of the plant may be cut and the plant may dry up.

How to take care of plants in the pot?

Like the plants in the fields and the plants in the garden, the plants also die in the pot. But by keeping some things in mind, you can get rid of this problem of dying plants. So let’s know how to revive your dying plants.

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Keep in mind the size of the pot

To prevent the plant from drying out in the pot, you should pay attention to the size of the pot along with the soil. If the plants are to grow more, then the size of the pot should be kept large. But if such plants are to be planted in pots which are small, then both big and small can be used for that.

Even if a growing plant is planted in a very small pot, then even the plants start dying because their roots are not fully developed. Apart from this, even if more trees are planted in a big pot, the plants start dying. Therefore, to save the plant from dying, the right choice of the size of the pot and the amount of tree in it should be done.

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Give plants clean and adequate water

Potted plants do not require a lot of water. But in the summer season water should be given less but about 3 times a day because the temperature is very high these days. And the size of the pot is certain that water is to be given in it. Therefore, little water should be given to the plants in it.

Therefore, neither less water nor too much should be given in the pot. Because by giving more water, the soil always remains wet, due to which the hole in the bottom of the pot gets closed to drain the water. Due to this, the roots start rotting. And the plant dries up. And give water in the pot only which is not too dirty.

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put the pot in the right place

Keep the pot in which the plants are planted in such a place where there is neither too much shade nor too much sunlight. But in the summer season, it is very important to avoid the sun in the pot. Because these days hot air (loo) moves very fast. And the plants kept in the shade also wither in the afternoon. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the potted plant in summer.

Compost in pot

To save the trees from dying, manure should be given in a balanced amount in the pot. Some people give more fertilizer to make the plant grow faster. And since the roots of the plant do not go very far in the pot, the plants start dying. Therefore, manure in the pot should be given little by little from the growth of the plant.

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The sucking insects dry the plants completely. Mealybugs, mites, and scale insects attack the plants and dry them out completely. Plants can be saved only by timely control.

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