What is Coco peat ? & How to Make Coco peat at Home

Gardeners often share their tips about trees and plants and recommend others to use cocopeat. Mixing cocopeat with soil and compost in the potting mix is ​​recommended if you want to keep your pots lighter. But many people are unaware of this ‘cocopeat’.

In many comments, we are asked what is cocopeat. Today we are giving you complete information about what is cocopeat and how can you

What is Cocopeat

It is a natural fiber powder, which is made from coconut shells. People sell this powder in the form of bricks, briquettes, etc. because it is very effective for soil and plants. It is a 100% natural medium for trees and plants.

Before knowing about Coco Peat, we have to know about Peat or Peat Moss because Cocopeat made its place in the world by replacing Peat Moss only.

History of Cocopeat

Peat Moss is a sheet formed on the ground due to rotting or decomposition of vegetation for thousands of years in certain areas of the continent of Europe and America, which is found only on the upper layer of the land and it has been dug out.

How to Make Cocopeat

1. First of all, collect all the peels and keep them in a clean place and keep them in the sun for three to four days.

2. Now cut these peels into small pieces with scissors. 3. Keep in mind that no piece should be too solid, whatever solid piece it is, remove it separately. 4. Now grind these peels with a grinder mixer.

5. Peels have to be grinded until it becomes powder. 6. Although it is not possible to grind coconut peels completely, some fibers are left in them. 7. That’s why you sift the powder separately and separate the fiber.

8. Now add water to the powder and leave it for 2-3 hours. 9. When this powder absorbs water well, squeeze it, and extra water will come out. 10. Your cocopeat is ready.

Correct Way to Use

When we plant plants in the soil, water and other things need to be given from time to time. However, this is not the case with cocopeat, which has the ability to retain moisture for a long time.

Due to this, the plants get moisture and there is no need to pour water. In such a situation, even if the plant is not watered for 5 to 6 days, it will work.

What are the Cocopeat features