Seeds That Require Light to Germinate

Before planting any seed one needs to know the conditions. Many amateur gardener are not aware that seeds petunias, begonias, geraniums thrive well in light and covering them with soil will suppress their sprouting.

One should plant a seed to a depth that is three times its thickness. Follow the seed packet to solve your queries and will help you know how deep to plant the seed.

Some seeds need the impetus of light hitting them before they break the dormancy and start to germinate.

Some of the seeds that survive on light are :

They grow in partial shade but 8-9 hours of sunlight will get you most flowers. They prefer well drained, loamy soil that is a bit acidic.

Balloon Flower

All begonias need bright, indirect light. Indoor varieties prefer a place near a window with a sheer curtain to protect them from the strong sunlight as direct sunlight can be harsh for their leaves.


It is a low maintenance plant that prefers shady locations and grows prolifically. It boasts blue, purple, white blooms.


These plants require bright sunlight but it is best to avoid direct sunlight as it can harm the leaves.


They prefer partial shade but this can tolerate full sunlight in cooler climates and during cool spring days.


Petunias need 5-6 hours of sunlight. They bloom well if they are located in full sun the whole day. If they receive partial shade they are likely to receive faded flowers.


Ensure to choose an area of your garden that is well drained and gives a good amount of sunlight as poppy needs both.