Know More About Lavender Plant

Lavender flower is famous for its fragrant smell. This flower is very beautiful in appearance. Lavender is a flower of the mint species. Lavender is a well-known and fragrant perennial plant with grayish-green leaves, upright flower spikes and a compact shrub form.


Some popular species of lavender flowers are Spanish Lavender, English Lavender, Hidcote, Impress Purple, Hybrid, Egyptian Lavender, and French Lavender.

Classification of Plants

The lavender plant grows as a small shrub. The maximum height of this plant is 3 feet.  Lavender flowers are mainly blue, purple, but some species also come in yellow and pink. 


Lavender flower is believed to be native to Arabia and Russia, besides it is found in abundance in the continent of Africa, Southwest Asia, Western Iran and Southeast India.

Uses and Benefits

A special kind of aromatic fragrance emanates from lavender oil, which calms our mind. Which is very beneficial for getting good sleep.

How to Grow Plant

Like most plants, your success in growing a lavender plant will depend on the kind of growing conditions you can provide, and the species you choose to grow.

How to Take Care

Lavender plant thrives in full sunlight, so let us now know how to plant lavender.

What type of soil is best for lavender?

Interesting Facts

If the soil is too wet where the lavender plant is planted, leaf spots and root rot can occur. Additionally, many plants will perish if their soil becomes too wet during the winter months.