Indoor Plants that Grow in Water and Easy to Manage

There are many types of plants in our environment, some of which grow in soil and some in water. The main requirement of a plant is CO2 and mineral salts. But there are some of them that can live in both water and soil.

Otherwise they grow exclusively either in soil or in water. Today, here we have told you about some plants that grow easily in water. Which you can keep inside your home and enjoy the fresh air.

Aquatic plants not only uplift a serene atmosphere but add a touch of color and beauty to it. Keeping water plants indoors lets you invite an air of freshness as most plants are disease and pest resistant.

It’s easy to grow water plants indoors without a lot of effort, and they offer many advantages and require very little maintenance.

The word Philodendron is derived from the Greek language, where ‘philo’ means “love” and ‘dendron’ means “plant”. Which means plant of love. These types of plants have heart shaped leaves and are very easy to care for.


It is a type of bamboo plant that is not part of the bamboo family. It comes from the Dracaena genus family. It is believed to symbolize good luck and good fortune.

Lucky Bamboo

This is a very famous plant which we also know as Golden Pothos and Devil Levy. It is very good at purifying the air and can easily grow in both soil and water.

Money plant

We also know this as dumb cane and it is also known as the strongest plant, and it is good for those people who have just started planting because there is a lot to keep them alive in any situation.

Chinese Evergreen

It is a perennial plant that grows simultaneously in both water and soil. Its leaves are sword-like and it looks very beautiful in a hanging basket.

Spider Plant

It is a very beautiful and attractive plant and can be easily grown in water or soil. It belongs to the Asparagus family, it has one inch wide leaf with very beautiful green and yellow color.


It is one of the colorful plants, it looks very beautiful in the presence of different colors. They grow easily in water as well as in soil. It is also known as variegated laurel.


It is found in about 10 to 11 varieties and can grow up to 5 to 6 feet. It grows especially in shade and has different types like Wax begonias, Cane begonias, Rex begonias etc.


Tips for Caring for Water Plants Indoors