How to Plant a Tree from Nursery?

Gardening Absolutely nurturing a small baby. Just as a child is unable to tell his problem, there is a need to understand his problem by looking at him, similarly it is also about some plants. We also have to understand the need of plants, we have to know about their problem.

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Why Do Plants Die After Being Brought from Nursery?

How to Choose Plants in Nursery?

Before going to the nursery, make sure that which and how many plants you want to bring as well as you have enough pots or space to plant them. Prepare the soil by mixing the pot or the ground with compost, cocopit, sand etc. 

After bringing the Plant, When should it be Planted in a Pot?

How to Planting Nursery Plants?

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How to Prepare the Pot?

It is very important to make a hole in the pot. Do not plant a plant in the pot without making a hole, otherwise your plant will not be able to survive. It is necessary to make a hole in the pot so that the water drains out. good water drainage

Keep in shade for 4 to 5 days after Planting

After transplanting the plants brought from nursery into another pot, keep the plants in shade for at least 1 week, so that the leaves and roots of the plant get set in the soil.

How much Water to give

Most of the plants in the pot die from water, too much water is never good for the plant, water the plants in the pot only when the top layer of the pot starts drying up, giving too much water will spoil the root of the plant, the plant will die.

Take the pot according to the size of the plant