How To Make Used Tea Leaves as Fertilizer

Tea leaves act as a fertilizer for plants. Let us know how tea leaves can be used for the growth of plants. Nothing is better than organic manure for the growth of plants. There are many such ingredients in the Indian kitchen, which work to nourish the plants.

With their use, trees and plants always look green and also get rid of problems like termites or insects. This is the reason why most women use things like turmeric, egg shells, milk, etc. as organic fertilizers.

Ingredients for Making Compost

– Used Tea Leaves – Clay Pitcher – Lid to Cover – A sharp object to Pierce a Pitcher

The tea leaves that remain after making tea contain herbs like ginger, basil, and cardamom. Also, it contains some amount of milk and sugar.

How to make tea leaf compost

Herbs do not harm plants, but milk can cause an odor and sugar can attract ants. Therefore, first of all, keep collecting the tea leaves for the whole day in one place. Then wash it with water.

– After washing the tea leaves with water, squeeze them well. – Now put it in an earthen pot.

– By the way, clay pots are already porous, but even if you want, you can make one or two holes for air movement. – Cover this pitcher with a lid and keep it in a place where there is no direct sunlight and it will not get wet in the rain.

– Every day after using tea leaves, wash them with water and squeeze them and keep putting them in it. – You do not need to add anything else as the tea leaves themselves start decomposing very quickly.

– When one pitcher is full of tea leaves, keep it aside and start pouring tea leaves into another pitcher. – After about a month and a half, when you will see the first pitcher, you will see a white-colored layer on top of it, which is a fungus, and tea leaves start making compost from it.

– It takes about two and a half to three months to make compost from tea leaves. – After so many days, when you will see the pitcher, you will find that the tea leaves collected in it have dried up to almost half.

– Now you can take this manure out of the pitcher and dry it in the sun. – If desired, prepare potting mix by grinding it lightly in the mixer or mixing it directly in the soil.

How to use tea leaves