How to Grow Mogra Flower from Cuttings at Home

The flower of Mogra is very aromatic, due to which it is used in making Gajra, garland, making fragrant products, etc. It is an evergreen tree, which once planted keeps on flowering for a long time.

Mogra can be propagated by seed, stem cuttings, as well as by layering on the ground. However, the easiest way is to grow it from cuttings. The best time to plant Mogra is during the rainy season.

How to Grow Mogra Flower Plant from Cuttings

If you are planning to plant this plant in a pot, it is best to plant it in a pot of about 12 or 14 inches because the plant is bushy and spreads over a large area.

Fill the pot by mixing 80% soil and 20% vermicompost or old dung manure in the pot. And keep in mind that there should be a small hole in the bottom of the pot so that excess water does not accumulate in the pot.

Before planting mogra cuttings, dip the bottom of the cutting in aloe vera gel or fungicide powder and plant it in the soil of the chosen pot to a depth of two inches.

Now pour water into the soil of the pot with the cuttings and keep it in a semi shade ie partial shade place.

In a month, some new leaves start coming in the cutting of mogra in the pot, and in 2 to 3 months the plant becomes big and the number of leaves also increases.

Do not plant mogra in a plastic pot even by mistake

How to take care of Mogra flower