Along with purifying the environment, plants win the heart of anyone with their fragrance and greenery. The positive vibes emanating from the plant help in keeping the mood happy. You can also decorate your office with these plants. By putting these plants on the office desk, you can reduce more pressure and stress.

Syngonium / सिंगोनियम

Singonium is very much liked as table top plants. It is available in many shades, with pink and green shade plants being the most in demand. This will give a sober look to your desk and will also work to purify the air. Let us tell you that the singonium plant on your desk needs sunlight and water only once a week.

 Syngonium सिंगोनियम

Golden Pothos / गोल्डन पोथोस

This plant belonging to the Money Plant family can be easily maintained. This plant also purifies the air and releases oxygen. Golden pothos also do not require a lot of sunlight and water. When the soil of the pot starts drying, sprinkle some water in it. It will also enhance the beauty of your desk.

Golden Pothos गोल्डन पोथोस

Philodendron / फिलॉडेंड्रॉन

Its beautiful leaves are very attractive. This plant also needs light sunlight and less water.

Philodendron फिलॉडेंड्रॉन

Chlorophytum / क्लोरोफाइटम

Chlorophytum is an air-purifying plant with dark green leaves with white margins. These are suitable with every season. They also do not need much sunlight and water.

Chlorophytum क्लोरोफाइटम

Peace Lily / पीस लिली

Peace Lily plants are considered a symbol of happiness and purity. That’s why they must be kept in your office space. These plants help in reducing negative vibes and help you maintain your self-control. They are also considered as the flower of spirituality and hence can be given as a gift.

Peace Lily पीस लिली

Snake Plant / स्नैक प्लांट

Snack plant has great importance in Vastu Shastra. It is known to attract positivity. The snack plant is also known to reduce your stress levels and purify the air in the environment. You can keep this plant on your office desk. It is very much liked as a table top plant. It comes in golden and green colored leaves. It is believed that the Sanseviera plant releases oxygen at night, so along with keeping it on your work desk, you can also keep it in the bedroom at night. There is no need to add water daily in this also.

Snake Plant स्नैक प्लांट

Lucky Bamboo / लकी बैम्बू

It is said that if you keep a bamboo plant in the office, it brings both luck and money. If you keep it on your table in the office, then your mental stress is also reduced. This not only boosts your creativity, but also boosts your confidence.

 Lucky Bamboo लकी बैम्बू

Areca Palm / एरीका पाम

Areca Palm plant looks like a coconut tree. Keeping it in the office is considered auspicious. If you keep it in the office, then there is the circulation of pure air around you as well as positive energy is also transmitted.

Areca Palm एरीका पाम

Jade Plant / क्रासुला या जेड प्लांट

The plant of Crassula or Jade Plant is considered effective in attracting success and wealth. Many people put it in their office, business place. Many businessmen also gift this plant to each other. If you want to put it in the house, then keep it on the right side of the door or main door. Due to this, the negativity of the house comes out and the financial condition is right. The sign of money coming in the house is revealed by the flowering of Crassula plant.

Jade Plant क्रासुला या जेड प्लांट