Welcome to the mango lover’s paradise! In India, the mango isn’t just a fruit; it’s a cultural icon, a symbol of summer, and a delight for the senses. Known as the “king of fruits,” mangoes hold a special place in the hearts and taste buds of Indians. With an impressive array of mango varieties, each offering its own unique flavor and texture, India is truly a mango paradise. Join us on a mouth-watering journey as we explore the top 21 mango varieties that showcase the diversity and richness of this tropical delight.

Top 21 Mango Varieties That Make India the Ultimate Mango Paradise

  1. Alphonso (Hapus)
  2. Kesar
  3. Banganapalli (Safeda)
  4. Langra
  5. Dasheri
  6. Totapuri
  7. Chaunsa
  8. Neelam
  9. Himsagar
  10. Rajapuri
  11. Malgova
  12. Raspuri
  13. Suvernarekha
  14. Mulgoba
  15. Pairi
  16. Benishan
  17. Imam Pasand
  18. Alampur Baneshan
  19. Himayat (Himam Pasand)
  20. Mankurad
  21. Gir Kesar

Alphonso (Hapus):

Hailing from the Ratnagiri region of Maharashtra, Alphonso mangoes are prized for their rich, creamy texture and unparalleled sweetness.


Also known as the “Queen of Mangoes,” Kesar mangoes from Gujarat are renowned for their saffron-colored flesh and intense flavor with hints of citrus.

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Banganapalli (Safeda):

Originating from Andhra Pradesh, Banganapalli mangoes are large, juicy, and have a unique sweet-tangy flavor.


With a distinct green skin and fiberless flesh, Langra mangoes from Uttar Pradesh are loved for their sweet and tangy taste.

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Hailing from the Malihabad region of Uttar Pradesh, Dasheri mangoes are known for their elongated shape, sweet flavor, and smooth texture.


Widely used in making mango pulp and chutneys, Totapuri mangoes from Karnataka have a tangy taste and are perfect for culinary purposes.

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Originating from Punjab, Pakistan, but also grown in India, Chaunsa mangoes are characterized by their fiberless flesh and sweet, aromatic flavor.


A popular mango variety from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Neelam mangoes are small to medium-sized with a sweet and tangy taste.

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Grown primarily in West Bengal, Himsagar mangoes are prized for their exquisite flavor, aroma, and smooth, fiberless texture.


Native to Maharashtra, Rajapuri mangoes are large, juicy, and have a unique sweet taste with hints of citrus.

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Originating from Tamil Nadu, Malgova mangoes are known for their large size, distinct aroma, and sweet, juicy flesh.


Another popular mango variety from Karnataka, Raspuri mangoes are small to medium-sized with a sweet and tangy flavor profile.

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Grown in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Suvarnarekha mangoes are known for their smooth texture, sweet taste, and vibrant yellow skin.


Considered one of the oldest mango varieties in India, Mulgoba mangoes from Tamil Nadu are loved for their rich, sweet flavor and creamy texture.

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Native to Maharashtra, Pairi mangoes are small to medium-sized with a sweet and tangy taste, making them perfect for fresh consumption or pickling.


Also known as the Banganapalli mango, Benishan mangoes from Andhra Pradesh are large, juicy, and have a sweet, aromatic flavor.

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Imam Pasand:

Grown in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Imam Pasand mangoes are renowned for their unique taste, which is a perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess.

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Alampur Baneshan:

A lesser-known mango variety from Andhra Pradesh, Alampur Baneshan mangoes are large, juicy, and have a sweet, floral flavor.

Himayat (Himam Pasand):

Hailing from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Himayat mangoes are prized for their exceptional taste, aroma, and smooth texture.

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Grown in Goa, Mankurad mangoes are small to medium-sized with a distinct sweet and tangy flavor, perfect for fresh consumption or making preserves.

Gir Kesar:

Cultivated in Gujarat, Gir Kesar mangoes are known for their vibrant color, intense aroma, and sweet, tangy taste, making them a favorite among mango enthusiasts.

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From the creamy sweetness of Alphonso to the tangy delight of Totapuri, India’s mango varieties offer a diverse range of flavors and textures that cater to every palate. Whether you prefer to savor them fresh or indulge in mango-based delicacies, the mangoes of India are sure to leave you craving for more. So, why not embark on a mouth-watering journey and explore the richness of India’s mango paradise firsthand? After all, there’s a mango variety for everyone in this tropical delight!