Introduction / परिचय

There are many such plants, which work to enhance the beauty of not only the house but also your garden. One of them is the monkey puzzle tree, also known as the Christmas tree. After seeing its beauty, most people put a Christmas tree in the house and also decorate it during the festival.

Actually ‘Christmas tree’ is an evergreen plant on which many decorations are done on Christmas day, it is estimated that this practice was started by the Egyptians, Chinese or Hebrew people in ancient times, these people used to wear garlands of this evergreen tree, Flowers were considered a symbol of the continuity of life. They believed that decorating these plants in the house keeps evil spirits away, since then it became a custom to decorate the tree. Christmas trees give off a large amount of oxygen as well as remove carbon dioxide and other harmful gases from the atmosphere. Due to which we get sufficient amount of clean oxygen.

Varieties / किस्मे

Fir trees are one of more than 45 species of evergreen trees. Evergreen trees are a popular type of Christmas tree because they keep their leaves throughout the year. There are many types of fir trees and although they’re all similar, each type grows in a specific location and has a unique color and shape. The most popular fir trees used for Christmas include the noble fir, fraser fir and balsam fir.

  • Noble Fir
  • Douglas Fir
  • Balsam Fir
  • Fraser Fir
  • Grand Fir
  • Canaan Fir
  • Concolor Fir
  • White Pine
  • Scotch Pine
  • Virginia Pine
  • Blue Spruce
  • Norway Spruce
  • White Spruce
  • Arizona Cypress
  • Leyland Cypress
  • Red Cedar
  • Deodar Cedar

History / इतिहास

The Christmas tree i.e. the evergreen tree was given great importance even before the birth of Jesus Christ. Keeping evergreen trees in their homes in Egypt and Rome was considered very auspicious. In the Roman Empire, these trees were used to decorate the house. The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree first started in Germany in 1500 AD. It was started by the 16th century reformer of Christianity Martin Luther. Actually once Martin Luther was going through a snowy forest on the evening of 24 December. Where he saw an evergreen tree. The branches of the tree were shining with the light of the moon. And Martin Luther came home and planted an evergreen tree. Decorated the tree with small candles. After which he also decorated the evergreen tree in honor of the birthday of Jesus Christ. And lit this tree with the light of a candle.

Uses and Benefits / उपयोगएवंफायदे

  • Christmas trees give off a large amount of oxygen as well as remove carbon dioxide and other harmful gases from the atmosphere. Due to which we get sufficient amount of clean oxygen.
  • By applying it in the house, the temperature there remains balanced. Due to which the temperature is neither too cold nor too hot.
  • By decorating the Christmas tree, the atmosphere of the house remains very pleasant. Mutual affection increases among the people of the house.
  • The Christmas tree is considered a symbol of life. That is why it is said that applying it at home gives long life.
  • It is believed that planting a Christmas tree in the house does not bring negative energy. According to Vastu, decorating a Christmas tree brings positive energy to the house.
  • Christmas tree also affects a person’s life, applying it removes all kinds of stress from life.
  • Colorful gift boxes decorated on the Christmas tree give a happy atmosphere and positive energy in the house.
  • By planting a Christmas tree, all the Vastu defects of the house are also removed.
  • Decorating the Christmas tree with colorful bells and stars removes bad luck.

How to Grow Plant / कैसेउगाएं

Christmas tree does not require much water. Therefore, use sandy soil and moisture-holding soil for its application. Watering once a week is suitable for such plants. If the Christmas tree is taken care of properly, then it becomes very long. However, some people get upset and start sorting it out. Let us tell you that the beauty of the Christmas tree is from its leaves, in such a situation, cutting it again and again can spoil it. It grows upwards in a cone shape, so if you wish, you can remove the leaves that have dried up at the bottom. With this, the Christmas tree will be green and it will be very nice to see.

How to Take Care/ देखभालकैसेकरे

People often keep this Christmas tree in the courtyard or room of the house. However, according to Vastu, there are different benefits of applying it in the house. This plant looks very attractive in cone shape. To keep the Christmas tree healthy, one must know the right way to plant it. Its roots are not as deep as other plants. Therefore, do not shift the Christmas tree pot from one place to another again and again. In fact, doing this can cause the roots to move, due to which it can also be destroyed. While applying it in the beginning, definitely give the support of a stick. Apart from this, if you want, you can also put it with the support of the wall. It would be better to plant it in a pot than in the ground, in fact, planting it in the ground can also cause it to fall due to strong wind.

You can use those organic fertilizers for the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is not afraid of other insects, but this plant has a lot of spider webs. In such a situation, you can spray Neem oil mixed with water. Spraying it once a week will be enough. At the same time, spray liquid fertilizer only on the leaves. It will take a few days to see the difference.