Our world is going through pandemic covid19 and it has taken many lives and slows down the economy globally. As we know it strikes badly to those who have weak immunity. As many drugs company have lunch their products in the market in the name of immunity boosters but they are quite expensive. Well, there are many Immunity boosting herbs you can have in your balcony garden for free and without any side effects.

Boost immunity with Ayurveda

Strengthen your body with ancient Indian medical way which is known as “Ayurveda”. According to Ayurveda, there are certain herbs and plants which can enhance our immunity. Plants Information brings few herbs that will increase your immunity to fight against covid19.

Try to Consume one or more Doses of the Following Herbs Every Day –


Neem is widely consumed and treated as immunity-boosting Ayurvedic herbs in India and across the globe. Neem can clean and purifies your blood and remove the toxins. It has proven its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties which build your immune system strong.


The Moringa herb is a very good source of Vitamin C. Moringa Heal and builds up your tissues, cells, muscles. For building strong immunity Vitamin C does magic and in the time of the pandemic, it should be on your list of herbs for immunity strengthening.


Tulsi is a sacred herb in Hinduism and you can find it in every Indian household. It has antioxidants quality and kills viruses, germs, bacteria, and has sweet-smelling fragments. Just chew a few leaves in the morning or add few leaves in tea. Tutsi is one of the best weapons to fight against the COVID-19.


Ashwagandha is very helpful to decrease stress levels. Stress makes our immune system weak hence causes viral infections. Daily consuming Ashwagandha during reducing the risk of contracting the corona 19 virus and other infections.


Ginger well-known herb for boosting immunity. Ginger is one of the old remedies we are using at our homes for a long time. Honey and Ginger are very effective in cold and cough. It has the antioxidant “gingerol” which enhances our immune system and kills viruses. You can add ginger in daily mail or take it with tea for better results.


Consuming Garlic is beneficial as it has a substance called allicin which acts as a germicide and kills germs viruses and other microorganisms which cause infections.


Turmeric has a vital role in Ayurveda and has been hallowed in Hinduism for a long time. It is used in the traditional Hindu wedding ceremony for groom and bridal facial. It is not only an immune booster but also a beauty enhancer. Consume turmeric in your daily meals or consume milk will help your immune system to fight against bacteria and viruses.

Increase your immunity easily with herbs, Consume these herbs and stay at home be safe, and beat Believe in the healing power of nature!