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5 Reasons Why You Need Plants In Our Life

In this blog of Plants Information we will know The 5 reasons why plants are valuable and important. Every day, we will encounter plants, whether in parks, in the wilderness of nature, or the simple fun of plant landscaping inside and outside our home. But do we understand the important role of plants in this world? This idea should make us pay more attention to the beautiful botany around us.

Produce Oxygen
Plants produce oxygen From the beginning, we need plants because they produce oxygen. Through photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and create the air we breathe. Most living things need oxygen to survive. In humans, oxygen provides fuel for our cells and helps the body build new cells by combining hydrogen and nitrogen. This is important because every day we lose billions of cells and need new cells. Oxygen also plays an important role in keeping our immune system strong. Without the oxygen produced by the oxygen plant, we would die.


Provide Food
Plants are an essential food source Without plants all life would starve to death. From ants to humans, everything uses plants as the main source of fuel. Even carnivores need plants because of their food-other animals-eat plants. If there is no nutrition from green things, human health will be seriously affected. Symptoms of insufficient vegetable intake include digestive problems, fatigue, muscle cramps, and headaches. Your risk of serious health problems such as heart disease and cancer will also increase. Although most people do not need to survive on plants alone to thrive, we are destined to eat a lot of food.

Enhance Soil Quality
Plants help improve soil quality The importance of soil quality cannot be overemphasized. Without healthy soil, humans will not be able to grow the crops we need to feed ourselves and the animals we eat. Soil quality has other effects on the overall health of the ecosystem. Their roots and the microorganisms attracted to them keep the soil together, preventing soil erosion, and the death of the plants makes the soil fertile by decomposition.


Plants clean the air
In 1989, NASA discovered that everyday indoor plants can absorb toxins from the air, especially in small spaces with limited airflow. This initiated a series of studies that showed that certain plants are better at purifying the air than others. Peace lily, bamboo palm, and Chinese evergreen are filtering powers. For people living in urban environments or other polluted places, indoor plants can keep the air cleaner and healthier.

Source of Medicine
Plants are essential to medicine Most of the medicines we use today originated from plant life. Aspirin is the most famous kind. For centuries, people have used willow bark to extract salicylic acid, a chemical that can relieve fever and pain. In 1763, a priest isolated the active ingredient, which eventually led to the birth of aspirin as we know it today. Several plant extracts are also used in anti-cancer drugs, such as paclitaxel from the bark of the Pacific yew tree. Countless other plants are also used in natural medicine.


As you can see, trees are not only important to the earth and wildlife but also important to us humans. You, me, and we all benefit from trees. Help us plant 100.000 trees this year! Choose the location you like and plant a tree today.


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