Winter Plant Pruning: A Guide to Which Plants Should Be Left Untouched

As winter settles in and the garden undergoes its seasonal transformation, whether or not to prune becomes a crucial consideration for avid gardeners.

While pruning is generally beneficial for promoting healthy growth and maintaining a well-kept garden,

certain plants should be left untouched during winter.

Plants to Leave Alone in Winter

Spring-Blooming Shrubs

Spring-blooming shrubs, such as lilacs, forsythia, and azaleas, enchanting gardens with their vibrant blossoms heralding the arrival of spring.

Evergreen Trees and Shrubs

Evergreen trees and shrubs, the steadfast guardians of year-round greenery, provide structure and colour to gardens even in the depths of winter.

Cold-Sensitive Plants

Cold-sensitive plants, often hailing from tropical or subtropical regions, bring exotic charm to gardens but demand special winter care.

Late-Blooming Perennials

The garden’s grand finale contributes bursts of colour and vitality in late summer and fall.

Best Practices for Winter Plant Care