What Plants Can You Grow Organically in Your Own Backyard

Here we tell you about all the different kinds of fruits, vegetables , and flowering plants you can grow in your own backyard quite easily with little to no effort and see tremendous results in no time.

Vegetable crops you can grow:

After a tiring day at work, we all know it’s tough to find time to go grocery shopping, invest in some real quality veggies.

Even if they have found out the time for the same, betting on the quality still seems a risk, as chemical free vegetables are a rare sight out there.


This key component of most Indian cuisine is really simple to grow. The seeds for the same are available right in your kitchen in the form of dried red chillies.


Tomatoes are an essential ingredient in practically every cuisine, from a simple garden salad to a deliciously tasting ketchup. Here’s how you can produce tomatoes at home quickly and easily.


The more well-known relative of the chilli has now established itself as a necessary component in urban gardens and Indian cuisines alike. Here, know how to cultivate them.

Fruit crops you can grow:

Did you know that fruit trees could be grown indoors? Growing a dwarf fruit tree not only improves your home’s aesthetics but also circulates and creates clean air for your residence, along with providing fresh fruit for your family.


Growing guava in containers is extremely easy. It is a tropical tree that produces sweet fruits, especially grown during winter seasons.

You can grow almost all kinds of citrus fruits, like oranges, etc. indoors with a similar procedure as mentioned above for growing lime.