Types of Hydroponic Systems?

There are Manny of hydroponic methods, we tell you about some hydroponic methods


It uses a system where plant roots are contained in a chamber that is sprayed continuously or intermittently with a fine mist of nutrient-rich water.

The roots of the plant are suspended in the air and the advantage of this system is that the roots have good access to oxygen.

The system was invented by Richard Spooner in 1983

and has become a successful method of growing a wide range of crops including seed potato production, tomato production, leaf crops and small lettuces.

Gravity fed system

This system does not use electricity to circulate the nutrient-rich water.

Deep Water Culture Systems

It involves growing plants suspended in water with nutrients.

History of Hydroponics

It is not that this is a technology of today, which was developed only a few years ago.