Tulsi Vastu Tips: Items to Avoid Keeping Near Your Sacred Plant

The Tulsi plant is considered one of the most sacred plants in Hinduism. It is a belief that in a house where there is a Tulsi plant, there are no problems in it.

On the other hand, if the basil plant dries up without reason, it indicates losses and difficulties in the house. Therefore, apart from being rich in medicinal properties, the Tulsi plant is also considered beneficial for the prosperity of the house.

Having a Tulsi plant in almost all Hindu homes is essential. But there are some Vastu rules for planting Tulsi plants, which are always advised to be kept in mind so that the house’s happiness remains.

Protecting Your Tulsi Plant: What Not to Keep Near It

Don’t keep dustbins around Tulsi plant.

Don’t keep shoes and slippers around Tulsi plant.

Do not keep Shivling near Tulsi.

Do not keep Ganpati near Tulsi.

Do not Keep Cactus plant near Tulsi.

Do not keep Shami plant near Tulsi.

Do not keep Akua plant near Tulsi.

Do not keep thick-stem plants near Tulsi.

Do not keep broom near Tulsi