Transplanting Seedlings: Knowing When and How to Move from Seed Tray to Garden or Containers

Gardeners who prefer to witness plant growth from seeds often sow them in seed trays.

This allows them to plant multiple seeds simultaneously,

and the seed tray makes it easier to control moisture and temperature.

Consequently, seeds germinate quickly. However, once the seeds have sprouted, they require more growth space.

When to transplant seedlings from seed tray, know here

Transplanting seedlings from a seed tray to larger containers

or directly into the garden should be done at the right time to ensure the best chances of success for the plants.

Consider the specific purpose of the hedge, whether it’s for privacy, windbreaks, or aesthetics.

True Leaf Stage

Please wait until the seedlings have developed their first set of true leaves.

Size and Vigor

Transplant seedlings when they have reached a suitable size and show strong, healthy growth.

Root Development