These tips to grow plants from Leaves

There are many ways to plant a plant, such as planting it from seed or from cuttings.

But did you know that you can plant with leaves too? Many plants are propagated from cuttings of a twig.

But there are many other plants that you can grow from their leaves too.

These plants mostly include plants under succulent and cactus species.

Snake Plant

This air purifier plant grows from a single cutting. You can plant it in soil or water.

Jade plant is a succulent variety and it is very easy to plant it from the leaves.

Jade plant

Rubber plant is a beautiful and evergreen plant, which is famous for its beauty.

Rubber plant

Money plant

You can also grow money plant in your balcony with the help of leaves.

A new plant can also be prepared from the twig or leaf of the croton.

Croton plants

Cactus Plant

Cactus can enhance the beauty of your garden. It is also quite easy to plant.

Your potting mix should be very light and crumbly for the leaves to propagate.

What to take care

You can also plant Aloe vera, Jade Plant, Patharchatta / Bryophyllum, Rubber Plant, Money Plant, Mother of Thousands Plant, Croton Plant, Cactus Plant, etc.