Guide to Utilizing Rooting Powder in Plant Propagation

Plant propagation is an exciting and rewarding process allowing you to expand your garden by creating new plants.

While there are various methods of propagation, one effective technique involves the use of rooting powder.

Rooting powder, also known as rooting hormone, is a valuable tool that enhances the success rate of propagating plants from cuttings.

What is Rooting Powder?

Rooting powder is a powdered substance that contains growth hormones, primarily auxins, which stimulate root development in plant cuttings.

These hormones encourage the formation of new roots, increasing the chances of successful propagation.

Rooting powder is available in different strengths and formulations, so choose one suitable for the plants you wish to propagate.

Application Methods

Dip and Tap Method

This is the most common application technique for rooting powder. After a fresh cutting:

Dip the cut end into the rooting powder, ensuring it is thoroughly coated.

Gently tap off any excess powder to avoid over-application.

Plant the cutting in a suitable propagation medium or soil mix.

Powdered Wound Method

For larger cuttings or those with thick stems, you can create a small wound or scrape the bark near the base of the cutting.

Apply rooting powder directly to the exposed area and plant as usual. This method helps the hormone penetrate the cutting more effectively.