The food products that can be procured from coconut are:

Coconut is the only fruit that’s known for its versatility. It can give a range of products to be used both as food or as an ingredient in beauty as well as craft material.

Every part of coconut has different uses and in different ways.

The food products that can be procured from coconut are:

The fresh raw flesh (Malai)

Consuming raw coconut flesh is the most common usage among people.

The milk that is extracted from Coconut is very popular among South Indians.

Coconut Milk

Coconut water is said to be the richest source to keep you hydrated when consumed during summers.

Coconut Water

The oil extracted from fresh coconuts is known as Virgin coconut oil.

Coconut Oil

Indian households for famous when it comes to making the best use out of the waste.

The Husks: A Natural Scrubber

Coconut shells are used in multiple ways. It can be used as a natural bowl to eat your meal and also can be used as a container when you have nothing nearby you.

Coconut Shells

Coconut Leaves

Coconut leaves are used for thatching purposes in villages and rural areas.

Coconut flower

Ayurveda claims that Coconut flower when mixed with curd and blended into a thick paste can be consumed to cure urinary stones.

Each part of it can be a boon to you and your household.