The Differences you didn’t know between BANANAS and PLANTAINS

Bananas and plantains resemble each other a way too much and that’s the key reason why we somehow feel that it’s the same. But NO!  They are both different in their culinary uses.

Plantains are mainly used in savoury dishes, whereas bananas go well in desserts. Plantains have thicker skin, larger in size than bananas and are also starchier and low in sugar.

They both come from the same plant genus musa, a family of heat resistant herbs native to Southeast Asia and South Pacific.

What are Bananas?

Bananas belong from Malay Archipelago in Southeast Asia. They are elongated, yellow in color and covered with a thick skin. However they are different kinds of bananas and all taste different.

What exactly Plantains are?

Plantains look similar to bananas but work well in savoury dishes. They have larger and thicker skin than bananas. They are grown all over the world like India, Egypt, Indonesia, etc.

Difference in their nutrient profile

Bananas and plantains both contain several nutrients like potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, Fiber, etc and both are equally nutritious.

Plantains in food

Plantains are used like a vegetable as it is starchy. In order to get rid-off the starch one needs to cook them properly. They are popularly used in cuisine of African countries such as Nigeria.

Things that you can make from Bananas

Whether for breakfast or for dessert you can make endless recipes using bananas like choco chip banana muffins, banana bread, banana pancakes, etc.

Health Benefits of Banana and Plantain

– Bananas are high in fiber, potassium, folate, and antioxidants, etc.