Super Amazing Tips to Help you Grow Betel Plants at Home

Betel leaves play an important role in Indian culture. Be it any religious event or enjoyed after dinner as a dessert these heart shaped betel leaves, commonly known as ‘PAAN’ are loaded with many benefits.

Betel plant comes from the pepper family. It is used all over South Asia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, etc. Paan is loved as it acts as a cooling agent and soothes your mouth.

This plant is easy to grow at home and blooms well in a variety of conditions. Let us have a glance on how to grow betel plants at home.

If you live in north east, be sure to move your plant inside during winters. If you hail from hotter states, you need to be extra cautious of your plant during summers.

Use green shade covers or commonly known as “green net” to protect your plant from scorching direct heat. Also, remember to water your plants regularly.

Things to keep in mind for the survival of betel leaves at home:


Betel plant can last up to three seasons or more. It blooms well in the humid and warm climate.


Betel plant can be grown in a wide variety of soils but the loam soil (the mixture of sand, silt, and clay soil) is ideal for its growth.


One should be very careful with the watering process for betel plants.


If you are growing a betel plant at your home, keep the plant at a place where it can receive partial shade.


The betel leaf can be propagated by stem cutting. Take 5-6 inch cutting from the plant and remove the lowermost leaves of the plant.

The betel leaves of the plant have a vital role in Indian tradition. Apart from its culinary uses it can also cure many diseases.