Summer Hazard: Avoid These Fertilizers to Protect Your Plants

As the summer sun beams down, many of us are eager to lavish our gardens and indoor plants with care to ensure their health and vibrancy.

However, in our well-intentioned efforts to nourish our green friends,

we may inadvertently harm them by using certain fertilizers unsuitable for the summer months.

Fertilizers to Avoid in Summer

High Nitrogen Fertilizers

While nitrogen is essential for promoting leafy growth, excessive nitrogen during the summer can be detrimental.

Quick-Release Fertilizers

Quick-release fertilizers deliver nutrients to plants rapidly, which can be beneficial in certain situations.

Ammonium-Based Fertilizers

Ammonium-based fertilizers release ammonia as they break down, which can accumulate in the soil and become toxic to plants, especially in hot weather.

Phosphorus-Heavy Fertilizers

Phosphorus is crucial for promoting root development and flowering in plants.