Stemming the Stretch: A Guide to Preventing and Fixing Leggy Succulents

Succulents, with their diverse shapes, colors, and textures, have become a favorite among plant enthusiasts.

Their low maintenance and resilience make them ideal choices for indoor and outdoor gardens alike.

However, succulents can sometimes become “leggy,” with stretched-out stems and sparse foliage, detracting from their natural beauty.

Causes of Leggy Succulents:

Insufficient Light

Succulents require bright, indirect sunlight to thrive.


Overwatering is a common mistake among succulent enthusiasts.

Crowded Growing Conditions

Succulents planted too closely together compete for light, leading to elongated growth as they reach for sunlight.

Preventing Leggy Succulents

Provide Adequate Light

Place your succulents in a location where they can receive plenty of bright, indirect sunlight.