Signs Your Compost is Ready to Transform Your Garden

Composting is a rewarding and eco-friendly way to recycle kitchen and garden waste, turning it into nutrient-rich gold for your plants.

However, determining when your compost is ready to be used in the garden is an art every gardener must master.

Signs Your Compost is Ready to Transform Your Garden

Dark, Earthy Appearance

One of the most apparent signs that your compost is ready is its colour.

Sweet, Earthy Smell

Compost that is ready to use emits a pleasant, earthy aroma reminiscent of a healthy forest floor.

Cool Temperature

A mature compost pile will have a cooler temperature than the initial hot composting phase.

No Recognizable Materials

When your compost is fully mature, you should be unable to identify individual materials like food scraps, leaves, or twigs.

Rich, Nutrient Content

The primary purpose of compost is to enhance soil fertility.

Reduced Volume

Throughout the composting process, the volume of the materials decreases significantly.