Rainwater Use and Benefits in an Indoor Garden

Rain water is very beneficial for trees and plants, due to which nature blooms during the rainy season. Monsoon in all its glory, adds to the beauty of nature as rain water washes away dust and releases nutrients and minerals that promote plant growth making them healthy. Monsoon is the best season for nature and hence, it is considered the right time to plant trees as they grow fast. Moreover, the most suitable environment and more importantly the fresh water of rain is responsible for making the plants and trees look green, fresh, clean and lush in monsoon.

Why Rain Water Is Good For Plants

In rain water, essential micro and micro nutrients such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, bicarbonate and sulfate ions, ammonia, nitrate and other nitrogen compounds are found, which benefit the plants in many ways. . That’s why rain water is good for plants.

Plants Benefit From Rain Water


You must have seen that rain water keeps the plants green.


Rain water provides essential nutrients to the plants


Rainwater increases the acidity of the soil


Rain water unlocks dissolved nutrients in the soil


Plants are not harmed by rain water

Rain Water Provides Nutrients To Plants

Rain water naturally provides nutrients to the plants, which are easily absorbed by the roots of the plants. Due to the availability of macro and micro nutrition present in rain water, the growth of plants is rapid. During monsoon, rainwater is easily accessible to outdoor plants, but indoor plants can be deprived of it, so you should store rainwater in a large container or tank and also your indoor potted plants with rain water. take advantage.

Rain Water Increases Acidity Of Soil

The pH value of water obtained from the monsoon rains is about 6.2-6.8, which is required by most of the plants to grow. Rain water is helpful in balancing the high pH value of the soil and its use can also increase the acidity of the soil. Apart from this, rain water is able to take out the chemicals present in any soil.

Rain Water Encourage Plant Growth

Nitrogen is the most important nutrient responsible for plant health and growth, but some forms of it cannot be absorbed, making it difficult to easily provide nitrogen nutrients to plants. Nitrate and other compounds of nitrogen are also found in rain water, which promote the growth of plants. Plants in the terrace garden receive nitrates directly from the rain water, which allows them to grow and flourish rapidly. The rainwater you store safely can help your indoor plants grow longer than ever.

Rainwater Unlock Dissolved Nutrients In Soil

Rainwater contains carbon, which helps to unlock the micronutrients present in the soil around the plants. Many types of micronutrients such as zinc, manganese, copper and magnesium are present in rain water, which help in increasing the growth of plants.

Rain Water Keeping Plants Green

When rainwater is used to water plants, it provides plants with nitrogen in the form of nitrate, which is used by plants to make green leaves. As a result, the plants appear green and healthy.

Rain water being chemical free is beneficial for plants and trees. You can collect rainwater for indoor plants in a bucket or tub that can be used for plants when there is no rain.